David Schmidt announced the release of ADTPro 1.1.0 today on comp.sys.apple2.

New functionality:

  • [Client] Client software comes on a combined “dual boot” ProDOS/SOS disk for both Apple II and Apple /// computers
  • [Client] Formatter now recognizes ProFile drives

Bug fixes:

  • [Client] Reorganized the entire client code base in order to single-source ProDOS and SOS versions – probably leading to several new bugs in the ProDOS client
  • [Client] Fixed formatter volume name input routine to correctly handle special characters
  • [Client] Fixed a fiddly problem with the IIgs and Uthernet where hitting a key while waiting for a response from the host would make it ignore the esc key from then on
  • [Client] Shortened UDP timeout for waiting for packet responses so things don’t appear to “hang” when a response isn’t received
  • [Client] Re-integrated Bird’s Better Bye (which was inexplicably removed) for our Apple II and II+ friends
  • [Server] Improved batch logic for cleaning up after aborted image transfers