After a nearly 23 year run as the premier Apple II Communications package and after collecting accolades, including two Awards of Excellence for the “Best Apple II Software”, of which ProTERM won this award twice and no other Apple II software ever took the trophy, and the best now gets even better!

Starting with the release of the Terminal program that set standards and took the Apple II community by storm in 1987 when Greg Schaefer of GBBS fame brought us ProTERM 1.0, ProTERM continued to set standards with constant releases through version 2.1. In the Spring of 1990, ProTERM changed publishers to InSync Software, they were “in-sync” with what Apple II users demanded when they delivered an improved ProTERM 2.2. Many asked why 2.2, and not 3.0? Well, this was just a teaser of things to come. In the Fall of 1991 after an intense 18 month development, InSync proved once again that the best can be made better and ProTERM 3.0 was released to rave reviews.

It didn’t stop there. After yet another 15 months of fine tuning, and after InSync became InTrec, ProTERM 3.1 was released to keep up with then current technology. InTrec and Greg may have outdone themselves with that release as it lasted all these years and was able to adapt to all the modem changes over the years.

Today, with the warmest regards to the entire Apple II community of both then and now, from InTrec Software, Jerry Cline, Greg Schaefer, Tony Diaz, Dave Miller, that we bring you ProTERM A2 version 3.1, for your everlasting enjoyment.

ProTERM has enjoyed tremendous support from the community throughout it’s entire existence. It was even said that Nine out of Ten Pirates preferred ProTERM. So while ‘Talk is Cheap’, ProTERM is now Free. ProCOMM? No, ProTERM is the real Pro. So quit MouseTalk’in around, click on over and discover the end all, get all, premier Apple II Telecommunications package today!

ProTERM will be available soon via the newly returning Apple II Lost Classics Project repository. An online support forum has been created at

Along with the application itself, the 340 page users manual is being converted to PDF, and is still a work-in-progress, to be released alongside ProTERM.

With the change of status to (C) Freeware, please realize that InTrec can not give one on one support for ProTERM any longer and that support has now been transferred to the community at large.

I am proud to have been able to arrange for, and prepare ProTERM 3.1 and its 23 years of history for release to the Apple II Community. Please enjoy it.

Tony Diaz/16 Sector

ProTERM 3.1 is (C) 1991-1993 Greg Schaefer, and the ProTERM package and documentation are (C) 1991-2009 InTrec Software.