A new, improved version of KEGS-OSX has been released! The new version includes revisions such as:

  • The source code is now based on a unified core with the SDL, Windows, and ActiveX versions.

  • All visible files now have the “.kegs” extension, such as “Bram.kegs”, “ROM.kegs”, and “Config.kegs”.

  • A personal configuration profile can now be created and saved.

  • The emulated 8 MHz ZipGS card is available.

  • A font file is now part of the core code.

  • Some internal fixes have been applied for improved compatibility with Photonix 1 and 2, Pam’s Demo, and Task Force.

  • The emulator can now properly boot and reboot.

  • The MegaDemo now works well in full-screen and full-speed mode.

  • Internal code revisions for Ensoniq emulation.

  • Improved drawing speed.

KEGS-OSX is the most feature-complete Apple IIGS emulator currently available for Mac OS X. Download.