Bulgarian developer bootZero.com has announced new adapters for Apple II enthusiasts needing practical solutions for exotic drive configurations.

The D2split is an add-on accessory cable for the HDDD A2, intended to make daisy-chaining your HDDD A2 with native Apple drives easier. The A2split is also an HDDD A2 accessory, but it’s forte is to make connecting drives such as the Disk II and Disk //c which are not usually daisy-chained, a cinch to use with the Apple Smartport.

Prices have not yet been posted, see bootZero.com for details, pictures and availability.

Also recently announced, the HDDD A2 firmware has been updated to v1.2.2 (likely it’s final change) to fix a few minor issues.

Per the bootZero support forum, the new firmware fixes:

– slow DOS 3.3 operation
– ProDOS and other not booting completely on accelerated machines

What is left unfixed boils down to writing a whole track right after spin-up on accelerated machines (not stock IIgs). We tested various 3.5″ HD drives and they all require spin-up time of about 480 msec before enabling any I/O. In contrast, certain copier program running under 4 MHz ZipChip waits the drive less than 200 msec! Much as we’d like to solve this, it’s just impossible – this is a limit imposed by the 3.5″ HD drive, whose controller wants to be dead sure that the spindle is within nominal speed. The fail is also because of the way Zip and similar accelerators work, because they screw the timing totally.

Contact bootZero Support to arrange your update.