Syndicomm, the distributor of the largest catalog of Apple II products in the world, has been operated by Eric Shepherd since the fall of 2000. Recently, growing family commitments and expanding full time employment responsibilities have sharply limited the amount of time he has available for developing new software. For that reason, he set out to find someone new to take over operating Syndicomm so that he can dedicate those resources toward other Apple II and Macintosh projects.

As a result, after months of discussion and planning, on Friday, April 29, 2011, Shepherd transferred ownership of Syndicomm to Tony Diaz. Currently outstanding orders are being processed as expected alongside the transition and should ship very soon.

Shepherd’s own products currently available through the Syndicomm store will will have their ownership shifted away from Syndicomm and will be available under the SheppyWare banner. These include OK-Writer, DiskMaker, and ImageMaker. Information on these titles, among others, is available on the SheppyWare site (

Tony Diaz will combine his years of Apple II involvement, product creation and manufacturing experience to the Syndicomm product line to carry the products and distribution forward.

Syndicomm carries a broad assortment of software and other products from companies including EGO Systems®, Parkhurst Micro Products, and The Byte Works. In addition, Syndicomm is the only licensed distributor of the entire line of APDA software, tools, and manuals from Apple®, Inc.