If you’re into collecting Apple II gear, you know prototypes are hard to find and highly sought after. So when an authentic prototype like this Apple //c shows up anywhere, it gets some attention.

This specimen appears to be from late in the development phase, and it may even be a seed machine ie. pre-release machines sent to third party developers prior to a product’s launch. The case is nearly finalized and the keyboard looks like the final production model. When this machine was being reviewed and used, the fabrication of the final //c was probably ready for immediate startup.

Of all the Apple II models, prototype (and seed) versions of the Apple //c are the most accessible to collectors because as protos go, they’re the most common. Is it worth USD $5500 though? Only time will tell.

Update: With just over two days remaining in the auction, the Buy It Now price has been lowered to $3,700.