You may recall from our KansasFest 2013 coverage that Martin Haye gave attendees a sneak peek at an upcoming NEW Apple II game called ‘Lawless Legends’, a fantasy role playing game set in the wild west for the Apple II & other platforms!

Today, Brendan Robert announced the launch of the Lawless Legends community page on Facebook and also the project’s source code repository at


The year is 1856, you have just arrived at Fort Miller, near Mariposa California. The gold rush has now past it’s peak and the region is slowly being over run with cutthroats, thieves, murderers and the like. It seems like drifters from the wilderness are gravitating back into the nearest town they can find. The only other thing keeping the peace in these parts, besides lawmen, are the saloons with their fill of booze, gambling and loose women. To make things worse, there are rumors circulating about mysterious, unnatural things taking place behind the curtain of mountains beyond the local ridges, spreading like wildfire. It’s getting to the point where most folks are too nervous to venture far from town…even for gold.

Lawless Legends is being developed for Apple II & Commodore 64 computers with potential ports to PC/MAC/etc…

If you are an Apple II or C64 coder and would like to participate, please contact us!

Thank you all in advance for your support!