January 17th, 2011

ADTPro 1.1.8 released, now supports LANceGS

Hot on the heels of version 1.1.7, David Schmidt has released an updated ADTPro 1.1.8 with support for the LANceGS Ethernet card. David’s announcement is attached:

If you have a LANceGS card from ///SHH Systeme – this release is for you. Thanks to Sean Fahey for lending me his cards, and thanks to Oliver Schmidt for the Contiki source code. The ip65 stack has been updated to automatically detect and use either the A2Retrosystems Uthernet card or the LANceGS card. Both cards can be used in any Apple II or Apple /// computer that ADTPro runs on (as long as it has a slot).

The Ethernet autodetection routine twiddles the I/O bits a little more now. AppleWin decides to make a (blank) printer.txt file when it runs. Virtual ][ doesn’t seem to produce anything on its virtual printer. I’d be interested to know if a real printer gets bothered by it.

1.1.8 – January 17, 2011

New functionality:

* [Client] Added support for LANceGS Ethernet card


July 18th, 2004

8-bit LANceGS Ethernet card driver source code released

///SHH Systeme has released the source code for the 8-bit LANceGS ethernet card driver. The Merlin-format code can be used to implement low-level ethernet support into 8-bit applications. It’s up to the application, however, to implement any protocol support (such as TCP/IP). For details, visit our public file library. A2Central.com is the exclusive distributor of this code..

February 20th, 2004

LANceGS web site updated

The LANceGS web site has been updated with a new look, new information, and updated pricing information. The popular ethernet card for Apple IIe and IIgs computers now costs $149 plus shipping and handling..

February 20th, 2004

ProDOS 8 driver for LANceGS card available to developers

///SHH Systeme now has available to developers an 8-bit driver for the LANceGS ethernet card. The driver is only available upon request, as it must be built into the application that wishes to use it. Email lange@tasha.homeip.net to request the driver..

November 7th, 2000

LANceGS ethernet card group buy #3 closes

A2Central.com’s third (and probably final) LANceGS group buy has closed..

November 1st, 2000

Third A2Central.com LANceGS group buy status

We have seven out of ten slots filled for our latest LANceGS ethernet card group buy. If you’d like to get your LANceGS card for $155 including shipping, please email groupbuy@a2central.com right away?we’re placing the order in a week whether we get ten orders or not!.

October 22nd, 2000

Third LANceGS card group buy begins

A2Central.com is sponsoring another group buy of the LANceGS ethernet card. This group buy is for ten cards at $155 each, including shipping. Three slots in this group buy are already taken, so if you want to join in, email groupbuy@a2central.com right away! .

October 12th, 2000

New LANceGS ethernet card driver in testing

A new version of the LANceGS ethernet card driver is now in testing. The new driver works around features currently missing in the Marinetti TCP/IP stack to provide router support?with the new driver, it’s possible to connect to systems outside your local network, through switches, routers, and DSL or cable modems. LANceGS owners that would like to try the new driver are urged to email ///SHH Systeme and request a copy. .

September 26th, 2000

LANceGS price reduced

Due to the vagarities of international commerce and an increasingly strong US dollar, the price of the LANceGS card has been reduced. A single card, formerly $179, can now be purchased for $155. Multiple unit pricing has been decreased as well. Visit the LANceGS support area for pricing and other information. .

September 9th, 2000

Second batch of LANceGS cards arrives in United States, distribution begins

The second batch of 18 LANceGS ethernet cards has arrived at our redistribution center and cards have begun to be shipped out to buyers..

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