May 12th, 2006

GSE-Reactive releases Apple IIe Enhancement Kit

GSE-Reactive has released its new Apple IIe Enhancement Kit, which includes a 65C02 CPU as well as new $CD, $EF, and video ROM chips.

May 8th, 2006

Updated Replica 1 computer in development, prototype in test and expected to ship soon

Vince Briel, the maker of the Replica 1 Apple 1 clone, is now working on an improved version that will have a ATX power connector instead of an AT power connector, and a USB port instead of a serial port, which will make it easier to interface with recent computers that don’t have serial ports.

Update: Vince has received his prototype boards and is now testing them. A picture of the The new board is available here and it should be in production and available for order soon!

May 2nd, 2006

AppleWin 1.13.0 released, now updated to 1.13.1

The popular 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows, AppleWin, has been updated to version 1.13.0.

Update: 1.13.1 has been released to fix a crash-causing bug when used with with Windows 98/ME.The new version includes a number of new features and bug fixes:

  • It can now emulate an Uthernet ethernet card, which can be used when running the Contiki operating system to access the Internet.
  • Floating bus support has been implemented. This fixes the hang at Drol‘s cut-scene, and brings Bob Bishop’s Money Munchers closer to working.
  • The Super Serial Card receive IRQ is now supported.
  • The checkerboard cursor is now back for Apple //e mode.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the enable hard disk option from working.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the right-click menu to stop working on drives.
  • Fixed a bug involving AppleWin installed in paths with spaces in the name.
March 26th, 2006

GSE-Reactive releases 12 new products

GSE-Reactive has released 12 new products fot the Apple II series of computers, including TransWarp GS High Speed GAL Set versions 1 and 2, the GSE-Reactive version of the System Saver IIe, TransWarp GS and ZipGSX CPU cables, ROM 01 & ROM 3 batteries, a 200 watt power supply for the IIe and IIgs, a IIgs to IIe power adapter, and various memory chips.

March 14th, 2006

AppleWin v released

The popular AppleWin 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows has been updated to version New features include support for ejecting disks using the right-click menu, great new features in the debugger, and an updated tutorial for the debugger.

January 24th, 2006

GSE-Reactive preparing new Apple //e, IIgs power supply

GSE-Reactive is preparing the release of a new Apple IIe and IIgs compatible power supply, using the same Apple power supply case, but with a new 200 watt switching power supply with fans. The Apple IIgs version is finished, and the IIe version will be ready in about a week.

December 30th, 2005

AppleWin emulator version released

Version of the popular AppleWin Apple II emulator for Windows has been released.The new version has numerous improvements.

  • Fixed support for the Apple ][+ ROM (the IRQ vector was pointing to the wrong place).
  • Added three new command-line switches that allow you to select full screen mode and to mount disk images in drives.
  • Extended the 6502 debugger with new commands to select memory windows, display zero-page memory, and perform extended memory dumps to dump SY6522/AY8910 registers.
  • Added support for ACME symbol files.
  • Now emulates the Applied Engineering Phasor sound card. It defaults to Mockingboard mode, and can be used in slot 4 or 5.
  • The display now updates at approximately 60 Hz instead of 20 Hz.
  • Emulation is now broken into one millisecond units instead of into video frame time units.
  • The CPU emulator is now internal, instead of being in a DLL. The DLLs are going to be phased out.
December 11th, 2005

CiderPress v2.3.1 disk image utility released

Andy McFadden has updated his excellent Windows Apple II disk image and file utility, CiderPress, to version 2.3.1. The new version supports importing Applesoft BASIC programs from text files, resulting in a “BAS” file. Also, the File menu now has a Reopen command, to tell CiderPress to detect changes to a disk image caued by other software.In addition, three bugs have been fixed. An assertion failure when trying to display damaged BASIC programs as text has been fixed. The “overwrite all/none” behavior while extracting files has also been corrected. And filename handling issues while pasting files with certain characteristics have been repaired as well.

November 12th, 2005

New Apple II emulator released

Appleblossom is a new open-source (GPL) Apple II emulator. Appleblossom currently emulates a typical 128K Apple IIe with 80-columns, Disk II, and hard drive. All graphics modes are supported. Sound is not. Provisions are in place for serial support, but the hardware is not implemented.

September 14th, 2005

Washington Apple Pi user group downsizing inventory

WAP is having to downsize its inventory to reduce the amount of storage space needed. If you’d like to rescue some of this stuff before it goes into a dumpster, read on.I went through the boxes tonight and it is literally quite a
haul–there are about forty (40) copier-paper boxes of Apple II
software, hardware and manuals.

Many of the software titles and hardware cards are with the manuals in
the original box. Several copier-paper boxes are full of Apple II
cards including Super Serial Cards, parallel printer cards (Orange
Micro and others), sound cards (Echo), mouse cards and memory cards as
well as some SCSI and TransWarp cards. There were also some unsual
hardware items, like a kit with a card and interface board to allow an
Apple II to interface to general hardware devices like servos. I
recommend going tomorrow (Thursday) for best selection because the SCSI
and TransWarp cards will go fast.

The storage area will be open for access tomorrow, Thursday, from
around noon until 6:00 PM and again on Saturday morning from 9:00 AM
until we’re done loading boxes of stuff for transport to the recycling
center. Feel free to call the office (301-984-0300) and confirm that
WAP is definitely open before driving there if you wish.

For the full message, click here.

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