January 25th, 2006

Mark Percival releases DiskMaker 8 version 1.1

Mark Percival has updated his DiskMaker 8 disk image utility, which offers faster 5.25″ disk formatting, the ability to boot from your newly-created disk when it’s finished writing, and support for DOS 3.3 volume numbers.

December 3rd, 2005

New 8-bit disk image utility released by Mark Percival

DiskMaker 8 is an 8-bit version of Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd’s GS/OS program, DiskMaker. Developed by Mark Percival, DiskMaker 8 is a utility to convert disk images back to physical media. The intention is to bring the ease of use and functionality of Sheppy’s program to the 8-bit world, including an optional mouse interface. Requires a 128K Enhanced Apple IIe, IIc, IIc Plus or IIgs.

Shareware: $5.

September 15th, 2004

Rich Dreher planning third run of CFFA cards

Rich Dreher has posted a notice on the CompactFlash Adapter for Apple II web site that the second run of cards has sold out, but that there’s enough interest that he plans to do a third run of cards. The cards should be available sometime this winter (in the December timeframe)..

February 18th, 2004

Morgan Davis resurfaces

Former Apple II developer Morgan Davis, of ProLine BBS fame, has set up his own web site, lettting us know what he’s been up to lately. Available for download are copies of all of his old Apple II and Macintosh software complete with original documentation in PDF format..