January 15th, 2014

Codename: Tokenizer

Arnaud Cocquière, webmaster of Ctrl-Pomme-Reset.fr and Apple II enthusiast, announced today the release of Tokenizer.


This new Windows 32 utility translates an AppleSoft source file written on a modern machine, to a AppleSoft-tokenized binary file which can be later integrated onto a disk image file with Apple Commander or Cadius.

As Arnaud states in his announcement, Tokenizer‘s code comes from Andy McFadden’s Ciderpress. Adapting the code from C++ to standard C will allow others port it to Linux or Mac OSX operating systems.

Download Tokenizer @ http://www.ctrl-pomme-reset.fr/2014/01/15/nom-de-code-tokenizer/

January 12th, 2014

What is the 2gs? Gaming Update Bonanza!

And straight from Alex Lee’s “What is the 2gs?” website:

Hot on the heels of the educational and hardware related finds made amongst Tony Diaz’s collection, we now turn our attention to gaming related finds – and there’s quite a lot of new cool stuff archived.

Discover new titles and rarities at http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/news/

January 5th, 2014

Sixtyfive 2014.01.04 Forth-style assembler is released

Daniel Kruszyna, the man behind Drift, has just announced on comp.sys.apple2 the release of the latest version of his Forth-style assembler:

Hello All,

I’ve released a new version of sixtyfive, my forth-style assembler.


Here are the changes:

Miscellaneous new 8 bit definitions: prntx and text window direct page locations.

Miscellaneous new IIgs bit definitions: ADB modifier and status registers.

New standalone script which converts the sector order of floppy images from the command line. The existing sector conversion support was limited to operating on assembler segments.

New higher level interface for creating ProDOS images. Includes volume and subdirectory creation and allocation of directory entries.

New example OVERLAY40 which overlays one 40 column text screen over another.

New example REVERSEDUET which reverses an Electric Duet file. This program was used to create the back side of Drift.

New example REVERSEHGR which reflects a HIRES image about the origin.

New example SHOWKEYS which displays keypresses.

Refactored the cmp macro to support arbitrary operand widths and to work with both 8 and 16 bit accumulator modes.

Improved NakedOS support to write files from the host filesystem as well as assembler segments.

Fixed an issue when using else, in 6502 mode. else, now generates an absolute jump instead of a branch always in this situation. bra, is only available on the 65c02 and 65c816 processors.

And probably other minor changes as well.

Thanks and enjoy.

— Daniel

January 4th, 2014

Brutal Deluxe releases OMF Analyzer

Paris, January 4th, 2014 – Brutal Deluxe Software introduces OMF Analyzer.

OMF Analyzer is a command-line tool for Windows to analyze OMF Files we can find on 16 bits Apple IIgs operating systems like Prodos 16 or GS/OS.

Because OMF files are the core of any executable code on the Apple IIgs system (S16, Exe, CDA, NDA, FST, PIF, Library, Tool…), OMF Analyzer will be helpful for anyone wanting to write an Assembler, a Compiler, a Linker or a Disasembler…

Find more @ http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/crossdevtools/omfanalyzer/

OMF Analyzer is part of the Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Development Tools Project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software : 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Disassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

December 10th, 2013

Brutal Deluxe adds LZ4 Compression to their cross development tools

Dear All,

This technical article discusses the recent LZ4 data compression algorithm and its ability to become a good multi-purpose lossless compression format for the Apple IIGS computer. Mostly for game programming area, where we have to handle multi-types of data (Graphic, Sound, Music, Code, Misc data…), the availability of one generic compression/decompression algorithm will ease developers’ life!

Find more at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/crossdevtools/lz4/

LZ4 Compression for the Apple IIgs is part of Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Development Tools project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software : 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Disassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software

September 1st, 2013

Brutal Deluxe Software releases BenchmarkeD

Paris, September 1st, 2013 – Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to introduce BenchmarkeD to the Apple II community.


BenchmarkeD is a benchmark utility for the Apple IIgs. It allows you to calculate the average throughput in reading and writing files and sequential disk blocks of your ProDOS volumes. BenchmarkeD uses standard GS/OS routines to perform its tests.

Until now, there were no such utilities for the Apple IIgs. Nowadays, disk devices are USB sticks or Compact Flash cards, physical devices such as hard disk drives or 3.5″ drives are no longer used. It is time to determine the fastest device to get the best experience with modern storage devices.

Download BenchmarkeD at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/apple2gs/benchmarked.html and share your results with us!

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software

March 22nd, 2013

Apple II / The 2013 release: Zéphyr by Froggy Software

France, March 22nd 2013 РBrutal Deluxe Software, in partnership with Jean-Louis Le Breton (CEO of Froggy Software) and Richard Soberka (programmer, author of Pleins gaz), is happy to announce the release of the arcade game Z̩phyr for the Apple II.

This monochrome DHGR arcade game had to be released by Froggy Software in 1987. As the company shut its doors, the game has never been released nor distributed by its author.

Together, in 2013, we have decided to release the game and release as software were distributed during the golden years of the Apple II: zip lock bag, manual, sticker and floppy disk with label.

We auction the first three issues, one after the other. Those were signed by Jean-Louis Le Breton (http://www.jeanlouislebreton.com/) and Richard Soberka (http://www.soberka.com/).

Find the first auction @ http://www.ebay.com/itm/200908966058
Get more information @ http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/2013/

Free shipping worldwide, the 77 next issues will be sold @ brutaldeluxe.fr

Share this vintage moment with us. Apple II forever!

Jean-Louis Le Breton, Richard Soberka,

Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini.

June 28th, 2012

Brutal Deluxe Software releases CADIUS

Paris, June 29th, 2012 – Brutal Deluxe Software is proud to announce the release of CADIUS, a command-line tool for Windows to manage Apple II image disk files (.2mg, .po, .hdv).

The first purpose of Cadius is to write the output of the 65c816 Assembler directly into an Apple IIgs disk image (usually a .2mg) in order to quickly test the result, avoiding many keyboard & mouse manipulations. Cadius may also manage Source Code files, by setting/cleaning the High Bit and formatting the Source Code to make it easy to read and edit in the Windows world.

Cadius is part of Brutal Deluxe’s Cross Developpement Tools Project, a full set of utilities available on Windows (and other) platforms to enable the creation of new Apple IIgs software : 65c816 Assembler, 65c816 Desassembler, 65c816 Simulator, Graphic File Converter, Resource Catcher…

It is available at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/crossdevtools/cadius/

Antoine Vignau & Olivier Zardini
Brutal Deluxe Software

January 31st, 2012

Brutal Deluxe releases Fishhead, the Caped Copier

Fishhead About

Fishhead is a GS/OS desktop file copier application. It offers several features which make it a powerful software for diskette and file preservation purposes:

  • Attributes preservation
    All copied files keep their original date, time and other attributes (e.g. invisible or locked) information
  • Batch mode
    Removable devices can be ejected and Fishhead will wait for the next medium to be inserted before copying it, and so on
  • Error handling
    Fishhead does not stop on read errors, it copies as much data as possible
  • History log
    The program displays and saves a log file including the result for each copied file from the source disk

Fishhead recursively copies files from a selected volume by chuncks of 256 bytes. The main idea is to recover as much data as possible from a bad medium. Fishhead has been tested (for months) on an Apple IIgs ROM 01 and ROM 3, with Appleshare (localtalk, netatalk) under System 6.0.1.

Visit their website at http://www.brutaldeluxe.fr/products/apple2gs/fishhead/

August 11th, 2011

Nishida Radio’s Apple II adapters

For those of you who like homebrew devices for the Apple II, you may be interested in Nishida Radio‘s items.

Nishida Koichi, from Japan, builds and offers the following:

  • an Apple II USB joystick adapter,
  • an Apple II, II+ and IIe USB keyboard adapter,
  • SDISK II, a Disk II emulator working with SD cards.

SD Disk II emulator

 The projects can be purchased as DIY packages or assembled. And half of the price will be donated to the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake charity program.

Discover Nishida Koichi’s great items at http://tulip-house.ddo.jp/digital/.

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