January 21st, 2014

Penguin/Polarware Software library now available on Apple2Online.com

Via Applefritter

Dr. Kenneth Buchholz is pleased to announce the addition of a new product library dedicated to Penguin / Polarware Software for the Apple II series of computers on www.Apple2Online.com. Working with Mark Pelczarski, founder & President of Penguin Software, the entire product line has been located, archived and made available on A2OL. Mark was able to provide non-copy protected versions of some of the earlier copy-protected offerings from Penguin, along with a never-released game (Poof!) which was the precursor for the Spy’s Demise.

In addition to the software library, we have also produced a high quality, searchable PDF of Mark’s book, Graphically Speaking. Mark was also able to provide disk listings of all of the program code appearing in the book, and it is now also available for download!

We have several of the boxes and inserts available in PDF format, and are searching missing titles so if you have any and are willing to contribute, please contact Ken.

January 20th, 2014

Andy McFadden releases CiderPress v3.0.2d1

It’s been 5 long years since the last update, but CiderPress (for Windows) finally gets some love that includes a few new features and bug fixes. In case you don’t know, CiderPress is the essential utility for working with Apple II disk images on Windows-based PCs. It supports ShrinkIt (NuFX) files, and disk images with DOS, ProDOS, Pascal, CP/M and RDOS filesystems. It can also work with .gz and .zip files. In short, it’s the Swiss Army Knife of disk image manipulation.

You can get the new version from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ciderpress/files/CiderPress%20Executable/3.0.2/

Please note that while this is the latest release, Andy has said this is a ‘development version’ that will need to be thoroughly tested. For now, CiderPress 3.0.1 is still the ‘official’ build.

Tip o’ the hat to Bill Buckels via CSA2.

January 20th, 2014

Ivan Drucker releases updated A2Server, A2Cloud apps

From CSA2:

So much for my hiatus. I’ve snuck out a couple of updates. If you haven’t been keeping score since the above announcement:

A2CLOUD 1.6.2 supports PC ANSI color and graphic text using Spectrum’s ANSI online display; has better VT-100 emulation for non-ASCII characters in ProTERM and Z-Link; provides ttytter for Apple II tweeting; adds sciibin and unblu for dealing with BinSCII and Binary II files; enables 300 baud support for you Micromodem nostalgists; and adds telnet (which I hadn’t realized wasn’t in default Raspbian) for online BBS access. Update with “a2cloud-setup”.

A2SERVER 1.1.4 fixes a bug preventing network boot from working if set up with version 1.1.3 while A2CLOUD was also installed. Update with “a2server-setup”.

If you’re starting fresh, Raspple II 1.0.5 includes both of the above: http://ivanx.com/rasppleii

Thanks to Alistair, Daniel, Stephen, and others for the suggestions and bug reports that prompted the above releases.

If you want to know about future updates in real time, you should probably follow me on Twitter at @II_tweets, since that seems to be the only place I’ve been consistently announcing them.


January 15th, 2014

Codename: Tokenizer

Arnaud Cocquière, webmaster of Ctrl-Pomme-Reset.fr and Apple II enthusiast, announced today the release of Tokenizer.


This new Windows 32 utility translates an AppleSoft source file written on a modern machine, to a AppleSoft-tokenized binary file which can be later integrated onto a disk image file with Apple Commander or Cadius.

As Arnaud states in his announcement, Tokenizer‘s code comes from Andy McFadden’s Ciderpress. Adapting the code from C++ to standard C will allow others port it to Linux or Mac OSX operating systems.

Download Tokenizer @ http://www.ctrl-pomme-reset.fr/2014/01/15/nom-de-code-tokenizer/

January 13th, 2014

SNAP updated to v1.1.6

Ewen Wannop has updated SNAP usenet reader to v1.1.6 to resolve a bug with the Marinetti 3.0b3 system init. You can get the latest SNAP and the rest of Ewen’s superbly useful software from http://www.wannop.info/speccie/Site/Speccies_Home_Pages.html

In addition, Ewen has been given the go ahead to also include the latest Marinetti 3.0b7 system init with his software, even though it’s not yet available on SourceForge.

January 12th, 2014

Paul Lutus GPL’s player routine from Electric Duet

Mark Pilgrim wrote on CSA2:

I just had a brief but constructive email discussion with Paul Lutus, the author and copyright holder of “Electric Duet,” the 2-note software synthesizer for the Apple II. He has generously agreed to release the music player routine itself under the GNU GPL. Paul requested that I credit it like this in my upcoming project:

Electric Duet Music Player
Copyright 1982, P. Lutus
Released under the GPL

Paul informed me that this open source license grant applies only to the player routine itself (the one you can tell Electric Duet to generate at any starting address and save as a separate file). The rest of the Electric Duet disk, including the editor, remains under his original copyright.

I don’t claim to speak for Paul. I’m just reporting the outcome of our conversation in a public forum in case anyone else is interested.


January 12th, 2014

Silvern Castle 9.5 released

Jeff Fink has released Silvern Castle 9.5, the popular Wizardry-like RPG game for the Apple II. You can download it from either:


Bugs Fixed in v9.5:

  • Thanks to Choi Youngjoo for reporting error #53-4035 (and subsequent #53-143 at title page) due to potential overflow of message time delay variable at Red Dragon Inn.

Stuff Changed in v9.5:

  • Added rarity byte to each monster.
  • Low-level encounters more likely to be patrols or swarms.
  • MicroDot error codes are now reported in the range 256-511.
  • Casting sleep or dispel now displays the total number of identical monsters affected instead of per group.
  • Characters must have stowage containers to carry more than 100 coins without incurring an encumbrance penalty. You may carry as many containers as you have open slots, but to simplify game management, for those containers to be used to carry coins they must be equipped. Encumbrance is optional – see the preferences.
  • Confirmation shown when Equip All selected.

New Stuff Added in v9.5:

  • Stowage containers: Backpacks (2000 coin capacity) and sacks (500 coins).
  • Camp now has a S)towage option to easily manage encumbrance.
  • New status: DYING! When your hit points reach zero or below you are considered unconscious (DYING). You become DEAD when your hit points fall below a negative number equal to your maximum hit points. A DYING character is unable to act and takes damage like a POISONED character until DEAD.


Tip o’ the hat to Ken Gagne for sharing this story.

January 12th, 2014

What is the 2gs? Gaming Update Bonanza!

And straight from Alex Lee’s “What is the 2gs?” website:

Hot on the heels of the educational and hardware related finds made amongst Tony Diaz’s collection, we now turn our attention to gaming related finds – and there’s quite a lot of new cool stuff archived.

Discover new titles and rarities at http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/news/

January 12th, 2014

AppleWin 1.24.0 released

Straight from comp.sys.apple.2


Here’s a new build of AppleWin which fixes a few issues: http://prdownload.berlios.de/applewin/AppleWin1.24.0.0.zip

As usual, if anyone spots any problems then either post here or file a bug report on berlios: https://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=6117

This is really just a maintenance release rolling up the small set of changes/fixes since April 2013.

NB. The Win8 full-screen issue has *not* been addressed yet.


1.24.0 – 11 Jan 2014


. Support cursor keys (in addition to numpad) when using keyboard for joystick emulation
. Support auto-fire for all 3 joystick buttons (via Config->Input)
. [Feature #5668] Added confirmation message box for reboot (F2)
. [Feature #5715] Added -no-printscreen-dlg to suppress the warning if AppleWin fails to capture the PrintScreen key
. Changed save-state file persisted to Registry from filename to pathame
. [Feature #5105] Added About dialog showing GPL (at startup, but only when AppleWin version changes)


. [Bug #19154] ProDOS Order 2IMG crashing
. [Support #103098] Sometimes swapping disk could cause INIT to fail with ERROR #8
. Fixed save-state bug for when 4K BANK1 is dirty (previously it would save the stale data instead)
. [Bug #18723,#19070] Mouse movement for CopyII+9.1 and ProTERM3.1


. Added “disk info” command
. [Bug #18940] Extend BSAVE and BLOAD Command To Memory Banks 0 and 1

January 5th, 2014

Sixtyfive 2014.01.04 Forth-style assembler is released

Daniel Kruszyna, the man behind Drift, has just announced on comp.sys.apple2 the release of the latest version of his Forth-style assembler:

Hello All,

I’ve released a new version of sixtyfive, my forth-style assembler.


Here are the changes:

Miscellaneous new 8 bit definitions: prntx and text window direct page locations.

Miscellaneous new IIgs bit definitions: ADB modifier and status registers.

New standalone script which converts the sector order of floppy images from the command line. The existing sector conversion support was limited to operating on assembler segments.

New higher level interface for creating ProDOS images. Includes volume and subdirectory creation and allocation of directory entries.

New example OVERLAY40 which overlays one 40 column text screen over another.

New example REVERSEDUET which reverses an Electric Duet file. This program was used to create the back side of Drift.

New example REVERSEHGR which reflects a HIRES image about the origin.

New example SHOWKEYS which displays keypresses.

Refactored the cmp macro to support arbitrary operand widths and to work with both 8 and 16 bit accumulator modes.

Improved NakedOS support to write files from the host filesystem as well as assembler segments.

Fixed an issue when using else, in 6502 mode. else, now generates an absolute jump instead of a branch always in this situation. bra, is only available on the 65c02 and 65c816 processors.

And probably other minor changes as well.

Thanks and enjoy.

– Daniel

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