September 28th, 2000 auctions off a Rev. C SCSI card

We’re now auctioning off an Apple II Revision C SCSI card on eBay. If you’re looking for one, please consider supporting buy buying it..

September 27th, 2000

Lost Classics rescues DreamGrafix and DuelTris

The Lost Classics Project has obtained freeware releases for DreamGrafix and DuelTris from DreamWorld Software, according to Howard Katz. DreamGrafix is a paint program capable of working on 256-color and even 3200-color images, and DuelTris is a two-player Tetris-like game. .

September 26th, 2000

Silvern Castle 5.1 update now available

This anticipated update to the popular 8-bit role-playing game is now available, and can be downloaded from the Trenco Apple II archive at The update fixes a few bugs and adds minor features. .

September 26th, 2000

Spectrum status update

Apparently my eSource has jumped the gun slightly on its announcement that Spectrum would henceforth be available exclusively from Shareware Solutions II. Although the announcement is correct, SSII is not yet ready to begin distribution. An announcement will be made when distribution is ready to begin. Joe Kohn of Shareware Solutions II indicated in an online chat last night on Delphi that he plans to make it available on floppy disk for Apple IIGS users and on CD-ROM for emulator users, and that there will probably be a small price cut. will be sure to bring you further news as it becomes available..

September 26th, 2000

LANceGS price reduced

Due to the vagarities of international commerce and an increasingly strong US dollar, the price of the LANceGS card has been reduced. A single card, formerly $179, can now be purchased for $155. Multiple unit pricing has been decreased as well. Visit the LANceGS support area for pricing and other information. .

September 24th, 2000

New Poll

If the Byte Works published a CD with all its software, how much would you pay for it?.

September 23rd, 2000

Shareware Solutions II becomes exclusive distributor of Spectrum

According to the my eSource web site, Shareware Solutions II is now the exclusive distributor of the Spectrum telecommunications software for the Apple IIGS. Although the Shareware Solutions II Kagi payment site doesn’t list it yet, my eSource says to visit it to order online..

September 19th, 2000 auctions Apple High-Speed SCSI Card on eBay

We’ve begun an auction of an Apple High-Speed SCSI card on eBay..

September 17th, 2000 begins first eBay auction

In order to gain exposure, and, with luck, help fund our planned growth, has started the first of several eBay auctions intended to get the word out, with a 1 MB RamWorks III card for the Apple //e. Visit our eBay Auctions page for more information..

September 15th, 2000

Advertising rule change will now accept advertising even from non-Apple II related businesses, with the caveat that our advertising manager has the right to reject inappropriate ads. Ads appear in the navbar to the left, and are 100×80 pixels in GIF or JPEG format. They cost a flat fee of $35/month or $90/quarter. If you or your business are interested in advertising on, please email

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