October 30th, 2000

New Poll

New Poll: What’s your favorite Apple II-related web site?.

October 30th, 2000

A2Central.com status report

Curious what’s going on with our plans for the future? Have a look at our first A2Central.com status report, written by A2Central.com editor Eric Shepherd..

October 28th, 2000

Now on auction: a PC Transporter card, drive, and software

We are now auctioning off on eBay a PC Transporter with the Apple IIGS install kit, one 5.25″ PC floppy drive, and the PC Transporter software..

October 27th, 2000

A2Central.com now shipping Apple II system and starter kit disks

A2Central.com is pleased to announce that effective immediately, we’re able to ship Apple II system software disks for US $2.00 per disk. In addition, we have created the A2Central.com Telecom Starter Kit disks, which are bootable disks, specially designed for particular Apple II models, with Modem Mgr telecom software and useful utilities such as ShrinkIt. These are available for $2 per disk as well. For an order form, please click here..

October 25th, 2000

New A2Central.com auction: LightningScan GS

A2Central.com is now auctioning off on eBay a LightningScan GS hand scanner! Comes complete with software, manual, interface card, and the scanner itself, in the original box..

October 25th, 2000

More freeware from Jeff Fink

Jeff Fink, author of the 8-bit role-playing game Silvern Castle, has released several new freeware titles: Compare is an Applesoft file compare utility; Nuclear is a nuclear power plant game; Space Command is a space combat game; Monster is a Monster & Mazes fantasy role-playing game; Wheel is a “Wheel of Fortune” type of game, and “Sword” is a sword fantasy RPG. These will be available for download soon..

October 25th, 2000

AppleWorks expert wanted

a2central.com is looking for an AppleWorks expert willing to write a monthly column about AppleWorks. If you know AppleWorks so well the back of your hand is jealous, and have enough time to write one article a month about it, please email contribute@a2central.com..

October 24th, 2000

A2Central.com opens its online store

We have obtained a stock of items that were languishing in Roger Wagner’s garage, and now we’re selling them to the Apple II community for next to nothing! We have the ComputerEyes GS video capture card for only $20 including shipping within the United States. We also have some HyperStudio Quick Course books and Several A2-Central Font Collection packages (8 disks full of Apple IIGS fonts). Visit our new online store and buy now!.

October 23rd, 2000

New GSoft BASIC sample code: Bubbles GS

Kelvin Sherlock has created a new GSoft BASIC sample program, Bubbles, which demonstrates briefly some graphics techniques. You can download it here at a2central.com. .

October 23rd, 2000

///SHH Systeme\’s TransWarp GS 32K Cache reviewed

Mike Tulloch, a first-time contributor to A2Central.com, has written a helpful review of the TransWarp GS 32K Cache built by ///SHH Systeme. .

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