November 30th, 2000 Online Service Public Beta to start on December 8, 2000’s new online service?beginning with the telnet-based Real Time Conference and Bulletin Board areas?will enter a free public beta test beginning on December 8, 2000. Paid-only access will begin on January 1. .

November 28th, 2000

New Poll

How many Apple II computers do you have?.

November 28th, 2000

Woz Biography on A&E cable channel

Steve Wozniak, inventor of the Apple II, will be the subject of the popular Biography program on the A&E cable television channel on December 13. Check your local TV listing for details. .

November 20th, 2000 auction: 20 GB FireWire hard drive

Sure it won’t work on the Apple II, but we’re still auctioning off a 20 GB FireWire hard disk that we used for development work on this web site for a while and no longer need..

November 20th, 2000

The ByteWorks ships OPUS ][ CD-ROM

The ByteWorks has shipped the OPUS ][ CD-ROM, a new CD-ROM containing every single ByteWorks-branded product ever released, plus a few that never were. A second CD, available as an option, contains the source code! This is an exciting product that a lot of people have been looking forward to. .

November 19th, 2000 auctioning off Apple Extended Keyboard II is now auctioning off, on eBay, an Apple Extended Keyboard II in very good condition. These keyboards are great for the Apple IIGS. .

November 15th, 2000

Resolution ][ 1.0 released

Arthur Jerijian has released the first version of Resolution ][, a new open-source double-high-resolution graphics library for assembly language and Applesoft BASIC programmers. .

November 15th, 2000 Real-Time Conference hosts selected has selected its lineup of Real-Time Conference hosts. They will begin hosting scheduled conferences that will take place from 10:00 to midnight EST. We’ll post the actual schedule soon, but the hosts will be Michael Kent, Ray Merlin, Mark Percival, Loren Damewood, Tony Diaz, Carl Knoblock, and Kirk Mitchell. .

November 14th, 2000

Interview with AppleWorks GS programmer Tom Hoke

BeGroovy, a BeOS web site, has posted an interview with Tom Hoke. It primarily focuses on his current work on the BeOS integrated package, Gobe Productive, but he talks briefly about the history of AppleWorks GS and ClarisWorks, so it’s an interesting read..

November 14th, 2000

Eric Shepherd Acquires Syndicomm

Eric Shepherd, owner and operator of, has acquired Syndicomm from Gary Utter and Dean Esmay after weeks of discussions. Effective immediately, is a service of the new Syndicomm. Operations of current Syndicomm services will not be affected..

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