December 21st, 2000 adds Real-Time Conference for members down under

Kim Howe has joined our RTC staff to host a new conference that takes place Thursdays late night (Friday early morning) from midnight to 2:00 AM PST. This conference is scheduled specially for our members in Australia and elsewhere in the world. .

December 18th, 2000

New Poll

For which communications program and platform would you most like to see an offline reader for

December 18th, 2000

Silvern Castle 7.0 coming soon

Jeff Fink has announced the upcoming release of Silvern Castle, the role-playing game for 8-bit Apple II computers. Click here for the announcement. .

December 14th, 2000

A2 News and Notes for December now available

It was actually released about a week ago, but staff have been so busy with our launch that we haven’t had a chance to put it online until today. You can download it now..

December 14th, 2000

New Poll

If added a Real Time Conference scheduled for people outside the United States, at what time should it take place?.

December 14th, 2000

Ninjaforce DemoDrive download available

As a convenience for emulator users, Ninjaforce has made available a special demo disk image containing all their demos on one bootable disk image file. .

December 14th, 2000\’s new Internet connection

We are now on our new Internet connection, which is three times faster than our old one. All a part of the service. .

December 12th, 2000

Ninjaforce reviews the Apple II demo scene

Ninjaforce has a new article on their site listing demos for the Apple IIGS?complete with download links?and allowing readers to rate each demo. Demos are (in this context) programs written to demonstrate programming skill at graphics, animation, and sound performance, usually mostly for fun. Note that some of them may use “colorful” language. .

December 10th, 2000

SBACC of Torrance, California meets December 12

The South Bay Apple Computer Club will meet on Tuesday, December 12, at 7:30 PM. The subject of the meeting will be, with a look at the site, and a tour of the new online service areas. Using telnet will be covered as well. Tony Diaz,’s assistant librarian, will be in attendance, weather permitting. .

December 9th, 2000

Download A2Central Online help documentation

Introductory help documentation is now available for download, even if you’re not yet a member of .

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