January 31st, 2001

New eBay auction: Windows CD-R software

We have 20 OEM Adaptec CD-R software CDs for Windows on auction on eBay. Not really Apple II related, but if you need it, we can use the money. .

January 31st, 2001

Lucas Scharenbroich releases Generic Tile Engine beta

Lucas Scharenbroich has released beta 1 of his Generic Tile Engine, a graphics library for creating tile-based games, including side-scrolling games. Visit his web site for more information, including a download and the online manual. .

January 29th, 2001

More eBay auctions: Saturn 128K RAM card and Videx 80-column card

We’re now selling a Saturn 128K RAM card and a Videx 80-column card on eBay. .

January 26th, 2001

Winner of the \"A Trunkful of IIs Contest\"

We have a winner! Eric Le Bras of Aubagne, France correctly guessed that Allen’s Ford Mustang has 21 Apple IIGS CPUs stuffed into it in the photo! Congratulations, Eric, your prizes will be on the way soon!.

January 24th, 2001

A Trunkful of IIs Contest

A2Central.com asks “How many Apple IIGSes are in that trunk?” in our new contest. Read on for the contest information and rules..

January 24th, 2001

The Byte Works updates ORCA/Shell

The Byte Works has updated the ORCA/Shell to fix a cosmetic Y2K+1 bug in the CATALOG command. Updates are available free of charge via email to any registered owner of any ORCA language, GSoft BASIC, or Opus ][ product. If you own Opus ][ you may also request an update for the source code for the shell. Email mikew50@aol.com to request the upgrade; be sure to mention your name..

January 23rd, 2001

Ewen Wannop releases Spectrum 2.5.1 and SOAR offline reader for A2Central.com

Ewen Wannop has released a new version of the popular Spectrum telecommunications software, version 2.5.1, which is a free upgrade for owners of Spectrum 2.4 (which is available from Shareware Solutions II). A beta version of SOAR, his freeware offline reader program for A2Central.com members, is available for download as well. SOAR automates the process of logging into A2Central.com and fetching and posting messages, providing a convenient and friendly user interface to do so. SOAR requires Spectrum 2.5.1..

January 20th, 2001

New Poll

How fast is the Apple II you use the most?.

January 20th, 2001

New eBay auction: Andromeda Systems 16K card for Apple ][+

A2Central.com is now auctioning off an Andromeda Computer Systems 16K RAM card for the Apple ][+. This card has a write-protect switch that lets you prevent changes to the contents of the card once the desired data is loaded into it. Check it out!.

January 17th, 2001

A2Central.com adds email forwarding support

A2Central.com has added support for email forwarding to its growing online service. Simply select option 7 from the MAIL menu to establish a forwarding address for your a2people.com email address..

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