June 26th, 2001

A2Central.com mousepads $5 off through June 30th

Until June 30, you can get A2Central.com mousepads for only $10.99! Pick up yours today!.

June 22nd, 2001

Delphi eliminating forum web sites

Today Delphi informed forum managers that forum web sites hosted on Delphi will stop functioning within the next couple of weeks, and will not return. The message boards and chat rooms will remain. .

June 22nd, 2001

And the auctions continue…

A2Central.com has started eighteen new auctions on eBay. Way too many to list here, but there’s some great stuff, including classic games, so have a look! .

June 21st, 2001

A2Central.com starts more auctions

In our unending quest to raise money to keep our servers running, we’ve started several more eBay auctions: AE Apple IIc System Clock, Apple II 256K Memory Expansion Kit, Apple IIe 80-column/64K card, Apple II Mouse Interface Card, Prometheus 1200 baud modem, 0K RamFactor card, Revision C SCSI Card, and Wordstar 3.3..

June 20th, 2001

KFest roasters named

KFest‘s Grand Gouda has announced the identities of the panel of roasters that will be taking on Max Jones at KFest’s annual roast. Ken Gagne will lead the pack as the Master of Ceremonies, with Eric Shepherd (owner of Syndicomm and editor of A2Central.com), Ryan Suenaga (publisher of The Lamp! and editor of Apple II News and Notes), Geoff Weiss (programmer of SIS and other great Apple II software), and Cindy Adams (the former Head Cheese of KFest) lending their wit to the event..

June 20th, 2001

A2People.com domain to lapse

We don’t plan to renew the “a2people.com” domain name when it comes up for renewal in July, so if you’ve been using an a2people.com email address, switch over to syndicomm.com (just change it in your mail software; it works automatically)..

June 20th, 2001

New Poll

How many new or updated products do you expect to be announced at KFest?.

June 20th, 2001

Delphi to charge for personal web sites

Delphi has announced that personal web sites will be part of their DelphiPlus plan; specifics on pricing have yet to be announced. Anyone that has a personal web site must upgrade to DelphiPlus or their web site will be deleted shortly after this new plan is introduced. .

June 11th, 2001

Aurora Area Apple Core meeting scheduled

The Aurora Area Apple Core of Aurora, Illinois, will hold its next meeting on Thursday, June 14. This month’s meeting will focus on an AppleWorks demonstration..

June 11th, 2001

The South Bay Apple Computer Club to meet tomorrow

The SBACC will meet Tuesday, June 12. Tony Diaz will fly up, weather permitting, and demonstrate a wireless modem connection to the Syndicomm Online A2 chat room. This is what was scheduled for last month but was canceled when Tony couldn’t make it. .

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