July 30th, 2001

KansasFest 2002 scheduled for July 23-28, 2002

The KansasFest committee announced that next year’s KFest event will be from July 23 through the 28th of 2002. .

July 28th, 2001

Thomas Compter releases Hammurabi game for II

Ken Gagne of Gamebits announced today the publication of “Hammurabi,” written by Thomas Compter. Compter is an up-and-coming Apple IIGS programmer, and “Hammurabi” is his first public release. “Hammurabi” is a classic empire-building and educational game. .

July 28th, 2001

Gamebits releases Esprit de Apple Corps multimedia package

Today Ken Gagne announced the release of the “Esprit de Apple Corps” (EDAC) two-disc CD-ROM package full of multimedia files for the Apple II..

July 28th, 2001

Gamebits to sell celebrity photo CD-ROMs at KFest today

Ken Gagne of Gamebits has announced that Gamebits will have several photo CD-ROMs available for sale exclusively at KFest today. .

July 28th, 2001

Syndicomm to sell KFest video CD-ROM

Syndicomm announced this morning that later today it will begin to offer a two disc CD-ROM set containing the videos and other materials from this year’s KansasFest event. .

July 27th, 2001

Vitesse software reclassified as freeware

Joe Kohn and “Burger” Bill Heineman have obtained the freeware release of the Vitesse product line through the Lost Classics Project, with the exception of Faxination and Harmonie. This is great news and our thanks go out to them for their efforts. We hope to see these products available for download soon. .

July 27th, 2001

GShisen second round completed; finals later tonight

Geoff Weiss, Ken Gagne, and Joe Kohn have advanced to the final round of the GShisen World Championships. We’ll carry this event live on our webcam tonight at 10:00 PM Central Daylight Time. .

July 26th, 2001

Syndicomm becomes exclusive distributor of Parkhurst Micro Products software

Today Eric Shepherd of Syndicomm announced that effective immediately, Syndicomm has an exclusive license to distribute the Parkhurst Micro Products software ANSITerm, PMPFax, and PMPUnzip. .

July 26th, 2001

Balloon and AWGS/RTF Translators now available from Syndicomm

Syndicomm’s Eric Shepherd announced today that Syndicomm now has an exclusive license to distribute the EGO Systems software Balloon and GraphicWriter III AWGS and RTF Translators. .

July 26th, 2001

Syndicomm announces availability of Shrink II and AutoArk

Syndicomm’s Eric Shepherd also announced the immediate availability of Shrink II and AutoArk, now licensed from Ross A. Falconer..

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