August 28th, 2001

Apple II CD-ROM feature updated

Ken Gagne has updated his Apple II CD-ROM feature article to list new products released at KFest, as well as to reflect new pricing on existing products..

August 28th, 2001

All Syndicomm-licensed Byte Works products now available

Syndicomm’s online store has been updated yet again, making its entire Byte Works product line available for purchase, most of it at markedly reduced pricing. .

August 28th, 2001

Aurora Area Apple Core to meet September 13

After its summer hiatus, the Aurora Area Apple Core user group of Aurora, Illinois will hold its monthly meeting on Thursday, September 13, at 7:00 PM. The meeting will take place at 900 North Lake St. in the basement community room. After a short business meeting, several members will demonstrate Apple II acceleration and how to speed up your Apple II..

August 23rd, 2001

Syndicomm online store lists some Byte Works products, with new pricing

Syndicomm has updated its online store to list a number of its newly-acquired products, including all of the PMP products, as well as some of the Byte Works product line. The Byte Works products have all new pricing, with many products’ prices reduced by nearly 50%! .

August 20th, 2001

ProLine 3.0 BBS software available for free download

Eric A. Seiden has gotten permission from Morgan Davis to make ProLine 3.0 available for free download from his web site. This is a popular bulletin board system package for turning your Apple II into a BBS system..

August 12th, 2001

Syndicomm starts more eBay auctions

Syndicomm has started another round of auctions, for items including a Power Mac 8100/80 with G3 upgrade, a 17″ Apple monitor, PFS: File, PFS: Plan, Labyrinth, and Deja Vu..

August 10th, 2001

Syndicomm starts new eBay auctions

Syndicomm has started a new round of auctions, for items including a complete copy of AppleWorks 3.0, subLogic Flight Simulator II, HyperCard IIGS, Beagle Graphics, and a book about AppleWorks GS. .

August 10th, 2001

SBACC to meet August 14th

The South Bay Apple Computer Club of Torrance, California, will meet at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, August 14. Tony Diaz will fly up to talk about KansasFest; he will also present video of the sessions and over a thousand pictures he took along the way. .

August 2nd, 2001

Our KFest coverage ends with final GShisen contest scores

Our coverage of this year’s KFest event ends today with the final round of the GShisen World Championships (game number 4857). Geoff Weiss claimed the third place prize (a copy of the new Friends II CD from Juiced.GS) with his time of 7:07. Ken Gagne took second place with his time of 5:37, winning a discount on a copy of Opus ][ from Syndicomm. The first place prize, a RamFAST SCSI card, went to Joe Kohn, with his winning time of 5:17. Congratulations guys! .

August 2nd, 2001

Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 to begin September 15

The fifth annual Vintage Computer Festival is scheduled for the weekend of September 15 and 16 at Parkside Hall in San Jose, California. This event is a celebration of classic computers and the people that built and use them..