October 30th, 2001

a2pix Apple II picture viewer for Macintosh updated

a2pix, Lazarus Long’s Apple II picture viewer for Macintosh, has been updated to version 3.0b8. .

October 30th, 2001

Woz interview on The Mac Show Live

Steve Wozniak, cofounder of Apple Computer, was interviewed on The Mac Show Live on October 17. You can listen to the interview on their archives page. .

October 24th, 2001

Syndicomm begins even more auctions

More classic games are up this round, including Karateka, Zork Zero, Bill Budge’s Space Album, Nine Princes of Amber, Snoggle, and Thief..

October 12th, 2001

Apple II Reunion and Show and Shine meeting October 22

This ApplesBC event will be held at the Spruce Room of the Century House at 620 8th Street in New Westminster, BC, Canada, at 7:00 PM. They’ll have various Apple II models set up for use and discussion, including an Apple IIe in a tower. Bring in your favorite software and Apple II stories. There’ll be Apple II music all night long, and refreshments and nostalgia will be omnipresent. Expect a surprise or two! .

October 9th, 2001

Syndicomm begins more auctions

Lots of classic games this round, including Minotaur, Zork II, Night Mission Pinball, Gorgon, and Sargon II (new in box!), as well as a new-in-box Apple Personal Modem 300/1200. .

October 8th, 2001

Aurora Area Apple Core to meet October 11th

The AAAC will meet on Thursday, October 11th, at 7:00 PM at 900 North Lake Street in Aurora, Illinois, in the basement community room. This month’s presentation is by one of the members, who won’t tell anyone what he’s planning to demonstrate. .

October 7th, 2001

October Apple II News and Notes released

Ryan Suenaga has released the October Apple II News and Notes. .

October 7th, 2001

Princeton Apple ][ Users Group to meet October 12

The Princeton, New Jersey, Apple ][ Users Group has announced that its October meeting will be on October 12 at 7:30 PM at 100 Sixth Avenue in Hamilton, New Jersey. The agenda is to be determined. .

October 1st, 2001

Syndicomm starts some auctions

Syndicomm today started several new auctions, including a copy of AppleWorks, an AppleColor Composite Monitor, a few games, and Quicken for the Apple II..