December 9th, 2001

South Bay Apple Computer Club to meet Tuesday, December 11

The South Bay Apple Computer Club of Torrance, California, will meet on Tuesday, December 11, at 7:30 PM at the usual location. Tony Diaz will fly up, weather permitting, and will demonstrate Bernie ][ The Rescue. A surprise guest may be in attendance. .

December 9th, 2001

Princeton Apple ][ Users Group to meet Friday, December 14

This month’s PAUG meeting will be held in Dave Ciotti’s basement, and will be the annual Christmas Party! Attendees are invited (or encouraged) to bring something to make everyone fatter in 2002; Dave will provide beverages. .

December 9th, 2001

December Apple II News and Notes available

The latest issue of A2 News and Notes, Ryan Suenaga’s free newsletter for Apple II users, is now available for download..

December 7th, 2001

Syndicomm finishes listing Byte Works and APDA products on its online store

Syndicomm has finally finished updating its online store with its complete product catalog. While complete descriptions of products aren’t yet available, every item is now available for online ordering. .

December 6th, 2001

Lazarus Long releases new disk image utility

The Apple DOS File System application for Mac OS and Mac OS X has been released in alpha form. This promising new application lets you open and manipulate Apple II disk images on the Macintosh, looking at the files on them, even moving files on and off them. .

December 6th, 2001

Aurora Area Apple Core holiday party on December 13

The Aurora, Illinois, Apple Core will hold its annual Holiday Party on Thursday, December 13, at Mayberry’s Restaurant (Rt. 31, Aurora, Illinois) at 7:00 PM. A good time is planned for all; for more information, contact one of the group’s members listed on the group web site. .