March 30th, 2002

Next issue of Juiced.GS coming soon; don\’t forget to renew!

New Juiced.GS editor in chief Ryan Suenaga has announced that the next issue of Juiced.GS—the first official issue of the 2002 subscription year—will be mailed with unprecedented speed. Expect shipment in mid-April, only about a month after the final issue under previous management. So if you don’t want to miss an issue, it’s important to renew now! .

March 23rd, 2002

New auctions from Syndicomm

Syndicomm is running a large number of auctions, trying to clear out space in their overflowing storage room. Included in today’s additions are Cranston Manor, a new-in-box Minipix from Beagle Bros, AW3.0 Companion, Apple Writer ][, Paintworks Gold, The Graphics Magician, and more! .

March 18th, 2002

Dave Lyons to be special guest in Syndicomm A2 forum chat tonight

Dave Lyons, former member of the Apple IIGS System Software engineering team at Apple, and current Mac OS X engineer, will be our special guest tonight in the Syndicomm A2 forum chat room at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time! Don’t miss what should be a fun and informative chat! If you’re not already a Syndicomm Online member, join now! .

March 18th, 2002

Dave Lyons says Davex, DIcEd, and Nifty List are freeware

In tonight’s Syndicomm Online A2 forum chat, Dave Lyons made it official: Davex, DIcEd, and Nifty List are all freeware! .

March 17th, 2002

Juiced.GS offers free hardware to new subscribers

Juiced.GS, the only remaining print publication for Apple II computer users and enthusiasts, is offering a free ComputerEyes GS card to all new subscribers. Visit the Juiced.GS web site at for details. .

March 15th, 2002

New Poll

What’s your favorite program by Dave Lyons?.

March 15th, 2002

New issue of The Lamp! released

Lyle Syverson has released the latest issue of The Lamp!, the compendium of hot topics from the Syndicomm Apple II and Delphi Apple II and A2Pro forums..

March 14th, 2002

Vintage Computer Festival Europa scheduled

The third annual Vintage Computer Festival Europa will be held April 27 and 28 in Munich, Germany. This festival celebrates vintage computers, and should be a lot of fun. .

March 14th, 2002

West-coast Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 coming in the fall

VCF 5.0, originally scheduled to be held last September but postponed due to the events of September 11, is in the process of being rescheduled for September 2002. The venue has not been booked at this time, but the event should take place in Santa Clara or San Jose, California. Several other techie events will occur in the area at the same time, in a collection called “GeekWeek;” these events include the California Extreme Classic Arcade Show, the Xtreme Games Developers Conference, and an Atari 30-year anniversary party. .

March 12th, 2002

February Apple II News and Notes available

The latest edition of Howard Katz’s and Ryan Suenaga’s Apple II News and Notes is now available for download. A2NandN is a digest of news in the Apple II community. Newsletter editors are welcome to use its content in their publications; see the copyright notice in the newsletter for details..

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