January 15th, 2003

Princeton Apple User Group to meet January 17

PAUG‘s January meeting will be held on Friday, January 17, in Dave Ciotti’s basement, at 7:30 PM. If you came to his house last week, be sure to show up this week so Dave can show you the pictures of Florida, which is where he was at that time..

January 15th, 2003

Greg Hedger releases new IIGS game \"Adventure Alive\"

Adventure Alive, which Greg describes as “Mario Bros meets Lode Runner” is now available for the Apple IIGS. With both keyboard and joystick control available, this is a fun game to play, and a map editor program is included! Requires System 6.0.1, one 3.5″ drive, and 1 MB or more of memory. Download.

January 15th, 2003

January 2003 issue of \"The Lamp\" released

Lyle Syverson announced today the release of the January, 2003 issue of “The Lamp,” the free newsletter summarizing the goings-on in the Apple II forums on Syndicomm Online and Delphi..

January 13th, 2003

Syndicomm owner turns 31, says he \"doesn\’t feel old\"

Syndicomm owner Eric Shepherd turned 31 years old on January 13 this year. When asked if he feels old yet, he replied, “Never.” He may be having senile delusions..

January 9th, 2003

A2Central.com launches site redesign

We hope you like our new site design! While it’s similar to our old design, we’ve made changes that will make it a lot easier for us to maintain and add content to A2Central.com, so that hopefully in the future we’ll stay even more up-to-date with the latest news and helpful hints for all Apple II users..

The newly-revised site is, as you’ve probably noticed, still a work in progress. However, the adjustments we’ve made will allow our content to be brought back up to speed in a hurry..

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