March 31st, 2003

More new Silvern Castle features coming soon

Jeff Fink has announced even more new features coming to version 7.5 of Silvern Castle, which is due out soon. When entering combat decisions, you’ll be able to go back and redo the decision for the previous character by pressing the “B” key. And if you try to cast a spell that’s more powerful than your character can cast, you’re now informed at which level you’ll be able to use it..

March 29th, 2003

CompactFlash Adapter for Apple II cards to be on sale at KansasFest

Rich Dreher’s popular CFFA will be available at the discounted price of $94.50–10% off the regular price–at KansasFest this summer. The offer applies only to KansasFest attendees. Dreher reports that he is currently in production on a second run of these cards, which allow standard CompactFlash and MicroDrive storage cards to be used as a hard disk-like drive under both ProDOS and GS/OS..

March 26th, 2003\’s Apple II CD-ROM feature updated

Ken Gagne has updated his feature article on Apple II CD-ROMs. You can check out the latest information here..

March 23rd, 2003

Geoff Weiss selected as KFest 2003 roastee

Today the KFest committee announced the selection of well-known Apple II programmer Geoff Weiss as this year’s honoree for the KFest celebrity roast. With a number of popular programs such as Spectrum Internet Suite, Geoff will make an excellent target for the panel this year. Good luck, Geoff.

In related news, it has also been announced that Ken Gagne will take the helm as master of ceremonies at this year’s roast for the third year in a row, after proving his knack for flak the previous two years. We’re sure Ken will do a great job..

March 23rd, 2003

Silvern Castle 7.5 coming soon

Jeff Fink has announced the upcoming release of version 7.5 of his excellent 8-bit role-playing game (which runs on the Apple //e, //c, and IIGS), Silvern Castle. Changes in the new version include:

  • Changing class now keeps all spells; multi-class spell casting is now possible.

  • Text mode 2D maze plotting is now done using machine language code, which is twice as fast as before. In addition, text mode outline boxes are shown.

  • The Inn healing routine has been tweaked and is much faster than before.

  • Post-combat loot item routine has been tweaked and is much faster than before.

  • Combat order sorting is much faster.

  • Fighters can now cast mage spells at level 25 (adjusted for intelligence).

  • Read spells command now displays the level at which you can begin casting.

  • Fixed a bug from version 7.4 that caused some high level spells to be cast by monsters on lower levels.

In all, this sounds like a great update to an already great game. If you haven’t tried Silvern Castle yet, give it a shot! We’ll be sure to put up the latest version as soon as it’s available..

March 22nd, 2003

AppleCommander Java-based disk image utility updated to version 1.2.2

The open-source AppleCommander disk image utility has been updated to version 1.2.2, which improves ProDOS disk image support. AppleCommander lets you pull files off of, and put files onto, DOS 3.3, ProDOS, Apple Pascal, and SSI’s RDOS disks, and has filters to convert some file types..

March 19th, 2003

Ewen Wannop releases SAFE 1.3

SAFE 1.3, the latest version of Ewen Wannop’s FTP program that runs within his Spectrum telecommunications software, has been released. The new version features improved stability and other improvements. Download the update from Ewen’s web site..

March 19th, 2003

FaddenSoft releases ShrinkIt software for Windows

Andy McFadden’s FaddenSoft, LLC has released its first product: CiderPress 1.0. CiderPress is a very impressive file and disk archive manager for Windows, providing support for ShrinkIt archives as well as a wide variety of disk images. Pack and unpack archives, pull files off of disk images formatted for most common Apple II operating systems (including DOS 3.3, ProDOS, Pascal, and CP/M), view and convert Apple II file formats, and much more. CiderPress is shareware and is available as a 30-day demo from FaddenSoft..

March 16th, 2003

Machine Language For Beginners now available on the web has posted the full text of the best-selling book Machine Language For Beginners by Richard Mansfield on its web site. Published in 1983 by Compute! Books, this classic book teaches BASIC programmers how to program in 6502 machine language. It includes examples and program code for Atari, Apple II, PET/CBM, VIC-20, and Commodore 64 computers. This is the 12th classic computing book made available at with the permission of the copyright holder..

March 15th, 2003

March 2003 issue of The Lamp now available

Lyle Syverson and Ryan Suenaga have released the March 2003 issue of the online newsletter The Lamp, which summarizes the goings-on in the message boards on Syndicomm Online’s Apple II Forum, as well as on the Apple II Forum Syndicomm operates on Delphi..

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