April 30th, 2003

Virtual ][ Apple II and II+ emulator for Mac OS X released

Gerard Putter has released Virtual ][, a new Apple II and Apple II+ emulator that runs under Mac OS X 10.2. It includes support for installable peripheral card modules, emulates both the Disk ][ drives and cassette tape, and lets you run multiple virtual Apple II computers at the same time..

April 30th, 2003

April issue of Apple II News and Notes released

Howard Katz and Ryan Suenaga have released the April issue of the A2N newsletter, which is freely-distributable and ideal for inclusion in user group newsletters..

April 29th, 2003

A.P.P.L.E. releases three products for the Apple II

The Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange has released three Apple II software packages. Ampermanager is a set of over 70 ampersand (&) commands for Applesoft BASIC, written by Rick Sutcliffe and now available on CD-ROM.

Dosource 3.3, available on CD-ROM or as a free download for A.P.P.L.E. members, is a disassembly of Apple DOS 3.3, released in 1981 by Lazer Micro Systems, Inc. and now distributed by A.P.P.L.E.

The Apple Tutors package, available as a free download for A.P.P.L.E. members, contains two tutorial disks. The first, Apple II Tutor, covers the basics of Applesoft programming. The second, Apple Tutor Pro, covers the art of file input and output and other advanced topics..

April 29th, 2003

cc65 6502 C compiler updated to version 2.9.1

The cc65 C compiler, which operates on a wide variety of platforms and generates 6502 code that can be run on 8-bit Apple II systems, has been updated to version 2.9.1. The new version fixes some bugs and adds heap memory functions to assist work on the Contiki operating system project..

April 29th, 2003

A2Central.com search improved

We have switched to Google as our search engine for A2Central.com. This should result in more thorough searches of our site. Just click the Search button at the top of any page on A2Central.com!.

April 28th, 2003

Ewen Wannop releases SAFE 1.4

SAFE, the user-friendly FTP utility that runs within the popular Spectrum telecommunications software, has been updated to version 1.4 by its author, Ewen Wannop. The new version makes it easier to cancel downloads, and lets SAFE log into some servers that it previously had problems with, such as the Mac OS X FTP server. SAFE can be downloaded from Wannop’s web site..

April 25th, 2003

Pre-Woz Juiced.GS Volume 8, Issue 2 pages available online

As a special bonus, Juiced.GS has made available for download the original cover and My Home Page editorial that were going to be printed in the V8I2 issue of Juiced.GS prior to the news that Steve Wozniak would be attending this year’s KFest. The cover was replaced after the news broke, and the My Home Page article was completely removed. Visit the Juiced.GS web site to download the PDF..

April 24th, 2003

Juiced.GS Volume 8, Issue 2 mailed to US subscribers

Syndicomm announced today that Volume 8, Issue 2 of Juiced.GS magazine has been mailed to subscribers in the United States, and that international subscribers’ copies should mail next week. For details, visit the Juiced.GS web site..

April 23rd, 2003

FaddenSoft CiderPress updated to version 1.1

Numerous improvements have been made to the CiderPress ShrinkIt archive and disk image utility for Windows by Andy McFadden, including:

  • Nibble image support. You can now open .NIB and .NB2 image files, of both 16-sector and 13-sector varieties. Automatically identifies and works around some simple forms of copy protection. The disk viewer lets you change sector parameters on the fly.

  • Disk image converter. Convert any disk image format that CiderPress supports into just about any other. You can output .PO, .DO, .2MG, .NIB, .SDK, .HDV, and DiskCopy 4.2 images.

  • SST image merge. SST on the Apple II creates two disk images. Normally you have to run SST under an emulator to combine them back together into a single .NIB image file. CiderPress 1.1 can merge them for you.

  • Odd-sized ProDOS volumes, such as a 31.9 MB hard drive image, can now be opened.

  • Directory preferences are now saved.


April 22nd, 2003

No KFest webcam this year

Syndicomm announced today that there will be no web broadcast of KansasFest 2003 events this year, due to the technical issues that occurred last year. Instead, Syndicomm plans to make DVD copies of sessions available for purchase following KFest..

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