May 28th, 2004

Contiki Apple II port runs on Apple II ethernet card

The Contiki website reports the availability of a 9 mb video showing the Apple II port running on Glenn Jones’ self-built Apple II Ethernet Card. Check out the schematics and photos of the ethernet card (code named Ethel)..

May 27th, 2004

Syndicomm to be at Vintage Computer Festival East 2.0

Syndicomm will have a booth at VCF East 2.0 in Boston on July 16 and 17 this summer. VCF is a gathering of enthusiasts of classic computers of all kinds. Syndicomm will sell select products at special prices, offer Juiced.GS subscriptions, and promote Join us to show the strength of the Apple II community!.

May 25th, 2004

Juiced.GS V9I2 mailed to international subscribers

The latest issue of Juiced.GS, volume 9, issue 2, was mailed to international subscribers today..

May 20th, 2004

CFFA card may soon function on Apple II+ and IIe

Up to now, Rich Dreher’s CompactFlash/IDE card has only worked on the enhanced Apple IIe or Apple IIgs (i.e., systems with a 65C02 cpu). But, he is in the middle of retooling the firmware to allow the card to work with the 6502 cpu, which would let the card work with ProDOS on the II+ and IIe. Good news!.

May 18th, 2004

Focus Drives in limited supply, future availability uncertain

Computer Circulation Center only has a few 340MB Focus Drives remaining in stock for $109. It may be quite some time (if ever) before new inventory is available again. Call CCC at 760-724-2404 and ask for Sales to check availability. Don’t forget that CCC is also the source for new Sirius IIGS RAM cards that can upgrade your GS to a whopping 8MB of RAM.

May 17th, 2004

Vince Briel announces new 4 MB RAM card for IIgs

Vince Briel, creator of the Replica I Apple 1 clone, has announced an upcoming new 4 MB RAM card for the Apple IIgs. The card uses up to four 1 MB 30-pin SIMMs, and will be available empty for $42 or loaded with four SIMMs for $49. The card is available for pre-ordering from GarberStreet Enterprises.Note that the card is still in the prototype stage and that Briel has changes planned before the card is finished and ready to ship. The current prototype prevents long cards from being installed in slot 7..

May 16th, 2004

May issue of The Lamp! posted

Lyle Syverson has posted the May issue of The Lamp!, the monthly compilation of the most interesting messages from Syndicomm’s Apple II forum message board..

May 14th, 2004

Juiced.GS V9I2 mailed to US subscribers

Juiced.GS magazine’s latest issue has been mailed to subscribers in the United States. Issues will be mailed to international subscribers next week, once they have been received at Syndicomm headquarters.The issue features a remembrance of Gary Utter, a handy article about using ISO CD-ROM media on Apple II computers and emulators, and much more..

May 14th, 2004

Seen on eBay

4132189031 – Ends May-24-04 19:58:06 PDT
Sirius RAM IIGS 8MB RAM card.

4131277557 – Ends May-23-04 19:45:00 PDT
Somewhere in this hodge-podge is an Apple non-DMA SCSI card.

4131714277 – Ends May-22-04 22:08:17 PDT

4131714523 – Ends May-22-04 22:11:26 PDT

A pair of Sequential Systems 4MB RAM cards.

4131312459 – Ends May-20-04 20:33:51 PDT
Vitesse Quickie Scanner w/ nice software bundle.

May 12th, 2004

CiderPress v1.2.5 now handles TrackStar image files

Faddensoft’s CiderPress received an update to v1.2.5. New to this version is the ability to convert to and from TrackStar 40-track “.APP” image files. This allows images created by the TrackStar system to be used in an Apple II emulator, and allows disk images created for use
in emulators to be used on a TrackStar board.
In addition, handling of mildly broken 2IMG images (with the ‘WOOF’ creator type) has been fixed.For anyone not familiar with the product: CiderPress is like a “ShrinkIt
for Windows” on steroids. It offers full access to ShrinkIt archives,
and allows you to view and extract files directly out of disk images, as
well as create ProDOS disk images. File converters translate programs,
documents, and graphics files into formats easily accessible under Windows
and other systems. Disk images can be converted between several different
formats. CiderPress costs $8.95.

Some more details about TrackStar “APP” images:

The TrackStar is a hardware Apple II emulator installed in a PC ISA slot.
They can occasionally be found for auction on eBay. Apple II 5.25″
drives can be attached to the board, allowing disks to be used directly.
The board also allows you to make file images of disks and boot from them
instead of physical disks.

The “.APP” images are in a variable-length nibble format, with a maximum
track length of 6525 bytes. The disks can be 40-track (encompassing the
standard 35 tracks used on the Apple II) or 80-track (a 40 track image
with the “half tracks” stored as well). Some common copy protection
formats, such as adding a 36th track or writing data in half-tracks,
are handled automatically.

The .APP format doesn’t convert well to or from the nibble-image format
common in the emulator world. “.NIB” images use fixed-length 6656-byte
tracks, which are longer than .APP supports. Converting from .NIB to .APP
requires removing an unused part of the track, and converting from .APP to
.NIB requires padding out one of the self-sync areas. These approaches are
unreliable on copy-protected disks, so the current version of CiderPress
doesn’t try to implement them.

Instead, all conversions to and from .APP files are done by interpreting
the source image as a formatted 16-sector disk. The new image is
constructed from the sectors.

Most disk images for emulators are already stored as sectors — .NIB
is fairly rare, because creating them is a relatively slow and awkward
process. Thus, the approach outlined above should be effective for
everything except 13-sector disks and copy-protected disks that would be
difficult to convert anyway.

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