July 31st, 2004

Huibert Aalbers\’ IIgs software released as freeware

Huibert Aalbers, author of SoundSmith, has posted all his IIgs software for free download on his web site at http://www.huibert-aalbers.com. We’re not sure when he did it, but we’re sure glad to see it..

July 31st, 2004

July Apple II News and Notes posted

Howard Katz has released the July issue of Apple II News & Notes, the freely redistributable monthly newsletter about the goings-on in the Apple II world..

July 30th, 2004

Seen on eBay

5112735537 – Ends Aug-08-04 22:52:46 PDT
Sequential Systems RamFAST 3.01e 1MB cache SCSI card

3740054154 – Ends Aug-08-04 20:02:17 PDT
VERY NICE Passport MIDI 8/Plus recording software and interface package.

July 29th, 2004

KFest web site totally overhauled

The KFest web site has been totally redone. The new site is better organized, has tons of new features, and is generally more functional. The most exciting new feature is a photo gallery which any KFester can add their own photos to, to share them with the world without having to use up their own web storage space..

July 28th, 2004

NadaNet / AppleCrate site update

Michael Mahon has added documentation and Merlin Pro source code for his 8-bit Apple II parallel computing project. Visit his website to have a look..

July 27th, 2004

NIB Apple //c Memory Expansion Cards available from Sun Remarketing

Sun Remarketing has NEW Apple //c Memory Expansion Cards in stock for $49.00. You can order them here, plus they’re also selling them on eBay (search eBay for user “sunrem”). These cards come with 256K standard and can be expanded to 1 Megabyte.

Note to //c+ users: these cards may or may not work in your machine. Initially, the Memory Expansion //c was known to be incompatible with the //c+ but later in the machine’s production run, Apple Dealers often bundled the card with the //c+ to help it compete with the “clone-on-steroids” Laser 128EX/2. So caveat emptor, your mileage may vary..

July 27th, 2004

eBay Listings \"of interest\" are back

We asked, you voted and now we’re back posting eBay listings “of interest” to the Apple II Deals section. We’ll also be looking high and low, far and wide for goodies for your Apple II.

While we’re at it, The Management has asked that I clarify for our readers that they should submit “FOR SALE” items to the A2Central Classified Ads section. I would have pointed that out earlier, but due to a technical glitch, I wasn’t aware some of you had been submitting stories for the Deals section. I assure you, we didn’t ignore you and apologize for the mix-up..

July 26th, 2004

Sweet16 for Mac OS X experimental build released!

F.E. Systems has released an experimental build of the Mac OS X Carbon version of Sweet16 Apple IIgs emulator. While being minimalist in its approach and having a number of bugs, the software does work; however, F.E. Systems strongly recommends not using it as your primary emulator..

July 26th, 2004

KansasFest Report: Day Six

Sunday is move out day; the last day of KansasFest. Although we’ve all had a great time, we’re tired and ready to go home. But there’s still a certain sadness, too. We’ve bonded with the people we met at KansasFest, some of whom we’ve been hanging out with online for years, and others we just met for the first time.While the Apple II is ostensibly the reason KansasFest exists, it’s really more about the people, the community, and the good times we have when we’re together, both in person and online.

So parting is a sweet sorrow, but we know that we can gather again in the virtual world and share our memories, and our expectations of the future.

We’ll laugh and recall Jeri’s mannequin head perched atop a toilet plunger, or the talking fish that received a brain transplant from a Furby. We’ll remember the jokes and gags from the roast, or the first time we noticed Carl dozing during a presentation. We’ll reflect upon all that we learned from those that presented sessions.

And we’ll smile and look forward to the next time we gather in Kansas City..

July 25th, 2004

KansasFest Report: Day Five

Breakfast started a half hour late today, at 8 AM. It wasn’t particularly good, but it got the job done. Then we had a bit of a break until Syndicomm demonstrated some software at 9:15 (more like 9:30 really).Syndicomm’s demo consisted of showing off its new Mac OS X word processor for kids, OK-Writer, as well as a work-in-progress version of Shrink II 2.0 for Mac OS X, which provides the ability to manipulate ShrinkIt files on the Mac. No release date was announced.

Syndicomm also demonstrated a few interesting features of Mac OS X, including the popular GarageBand application.

After another break, Hans Franke presented information about the newly redone design of the AnyCard USB/VGA/Memory card for the Apple II series of computers. Blank cards were received this week, and the first prototypes should be built within the next month. Cards will then be provided to select developers that have volunteered to help with driver design. We’ll have a feature article about the new AnyCard soon.

This fascinating presentation was followed by lunch and the HackFest judging, then by the awarding of the HackFest prizes, which is covered in a separate story.

The vendor fair and swap meet followed, with Apple II developers and users selling their wares.

The last official event of KansasFest is the Saturday night dinner at K.C. Masterpiece. In an interesting change from past years, the group was put into a private banquet room at one long table, which certainly added something new to the experience. The food was very tasty, as usual.

As I write this, a large group has just left to head out to a late meal at Denny’s. As for me, the long, sleepless nights have caught up with me and I’m going to attempt to rest before hopping on a plane tomorrow to head home, and back to my normal life.

KansasFest was a blast, as usual, with fun and weird activities interspersed among genuinely useful and educational presentations.

Syndicomm will be making DVDs of sessions and other KansasFest events available later this summer. Nearly 30 hours of video were captured on tape; as soon as we can edit that down into something palatable, we’ll let you know!.

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