September 30th, 2004

CFFA card news, upgrade parts on the way

Rich has placed an order for parts to build 100 additional CFFA cards. He has also ordered enough EPROMs and CPLDs to upgrade 50 of the earlier cards. If you have an older card and put in your request for the upgrade, you should have it in the next five or so weeks. The CFFA card allows the use of compact flash memory cards and IDE hard drives with Apple II+, IIe and IIgs computers..

September 30th, 2004

September A2 News and Notes posted

Howard Katz has posted the September issue of Apple II News & Notes on the web. The newsletter is freely redistributable in user group newsletters..

September 29th, 2004

Syndicomm Online to host Apple II programming chat

The Apple II forum on Syndicomm Online will host a chat for programmers on Sunday, October 10th at 10:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The topics will include ideas for developing small projects that use IPC to communicate with each other to perform more complicated tasks, Marinetti programming, and other items of interest to those from novice to expert. You must have a Syndicomm Online account to participate..

September 29th, 2004

Seen on eBay – October 2004

Items of interest seen on eBay for the month of October 2004.

Last Updated: 09/29 – ~02:20pm Central5722705959 – Ends Oct-05-04 19:19:47 PDT
Apple 1 Computer with original manuals – very COOL!

5722551395 – Ends Oct-01-04 18:32:24 PDT
Apple IIGS with 14MHz Transwarp, 4MB


September 27th, 2004

Apple II Contiki port progressing

Oliver Schmidt, who is porting the Contiki operating system to the Apple II, posted recently that he hopes to implement LANceGS ethernet card support if he can get a European Apple //e donated to his project. He would also like to be able to work on support for a 128K version of the port. He asks anyone who can provide a machine for free or very inexpensively to contact him..

September 26th, 2004

Apple II info needed by C1 reconfigurable computer team

Jens Schoenfeld, the co-developer of Jeri Ellsworth’s C1 reconfigurable computer, is looking for experienced Apple IIgs software and hardware gurus to answer a few questions with the goal in mind of eventually creating an Apple IIgs core for the machine, that would allow it to act like a IIgs. Updated: He has the information he was looking for..

September 20th, 2004

Syndicomm cuts ORCA/C price

Today Syndicomm sliced $10 off the price of ORCA/C, reducing the price to $40. The cut comes in tandem with a redesigned manual that is printed on three-hole punched paper, for insertion into a binder. Syndicomm cites the reduced production cost of the new version of the manual as the reason for the change. The ORCA/C 2.1 Upgrade has been reduced in price by $5, to $25..

September 18th, 2004

Virtual ][ 3.1 released

Gerard Putter has released version 3.1 of Virtual ][, a great 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X. The new version includes several nice improvements; read on for details.Version 3.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved rendering of double high-resolution graphics; this improves the readability of DHR text.
  • Improved accuracy of double low-resolution and double high-resolution colors.
  • High resolution graphics efficiency improved by about 25%.
  • Sound quality improved.
  • Added a toolbar for easier access to commonly used functions.
  • The Screen menu is now called View, and includes toolbar-related commands.
  • The sound volume can be changed.
  • Added a menu command and toolbar button to open a Finder window where your disk images are.
  • An alias to a disk image can now be dropped onto Virtual ][ to mount it.
  • The program can automatically adjust the Mac monitor resolution when going into full-screen mode.
  • The Apple //e, not the ][+, is now the default machine when the program is first started.
  • Saved state files now take on a custom icon representing the appearance of the screen when the state was saved.
  • Fixed a few bugs.

The saved state file icons in particular are a neat feature, making it very easy to track down the saved state you want — especially if you keep your saved state files in a folder with the icon size set to be large..

September 15th, 2004

September issue of The Lamp! posted

Lyle Syverson has posted the September, 2004 issue of The Lamp!, the monthly distillation of the best posts from Syndicomm’s A2 forum’s bulletin board..

September 15th, 2004

AppleWin emulator for Windows updated

There’s a new beta version of AppleWin available. The new version fixes some bugs. The next version to be released should be a non-beta version, and should implement some requests on the wish list.The fixed bugs are:

  • Fixed the “CPU usage 100%” problem.
  • Switched Mockingboard output from dual-mono to stereo.
  • Relaxed TIMER1’s maximum frequency from -62 Hz to -83 Hz.
  • Fixed FLASH problem when in monochrome mode.


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