November 30th, 2004

NadaNet update supports new ampersand interface

Michael Mahon has updated the software for NadaNet, his Apple II network project. Read on for the changes.

  • A convenient ampersand interface for Applesoft BASIC
  • Two new commands, &BPOKE and &PEEKINC, for parallel programming
  • Separate versions for different operating environments (ProDOS, DOS, AppleCrate, MSERVE) to maximize free space
  • Several BASIC applications and utilities

    He writes: “The only hurdle you have to overcome
    (assuming that you have at least two Apple II’s) is that you will have
    to build two or more small adapters on 16-pin DIP sockets to plug
    into the game ports of the networked machines. The handful of parts
    are cheap and widely available, so it shouldn’t pose much of a problem,
    assuming you can solder.”.

  • November 27th, 2004

    SheppyWare web site overhauled

    Eric Shepherd’s “SheppyWare” web site has been overhauled, resulting in a much simpler, smaller, and easier to navigate site. Eric also says it will be easier for him to maintain, especially now that Syndicomm is taking up most of his time. Visit the revamped site at

    November 23rd, 2004

    Juiced.GS Volume 9, Issue 4 mailed

    Syndicomm reports that Volume 9, Issue 4 of Juiced.GS magazine has been mailed to all subscribers. The new issue includes articles on building serial cables, emulation, Andrew Roughan’s work on making it possible to access the Internet through a Windows system, and writing software using Syndicomm’s SideClick contextual menu package. Other regular articles are of course included as well..

    November 22nd, 2004

    KansasFest moves to Rockhurst University

    After years of KansasFest taking place at Avila University, the folks at Avila have decided not to allow outside groups to hold events on their campus anymore. Because of this, KansasFest 2005 will be held at Rockhurst University, also in Kansas City.Pricing should be comparable to last year, although precise numbers haven’t been nailed down yet. Registration is due to open in January, 2005.

    This looks like a great opportunity — the facility at Rockhurst University sounds more modern than what we’re accustomed to at Avila, and an Apple II user local to Kansas City says it looks like a nice place..

    November 17th, 2004

    CiderPress 2.1 released

    FaddenSoft has released CiderPress 2.1, the latest version of the Apple II disk and file utility for Windows. Read on for details.New features in CiderPress 2.1:

    • Extract files from digital recordings of cassette tapes.
    • View programs in Monitor-style disassembly, complete with annotations drawn from Nifty List data files.
    • Teach and AppleWorks GS to RTF conversion.
    • View and convert Print Shop and Print Shop GS clip art.
    • Convert CP/M text files.
    • Support for ProDOS 800K disks that actually contain five 160K DOS.MASTER partitions are now supported.

    Some bugs have also been fixed..

    November 15th, 2004

    November 2004 issue of The Lamp! available

    The latest issue of The Lamp! summarizes the month’s most interesting posts from the forums. Lyle Syverson’s publication is available in text, Appleworks and Hypercard IIGS formats..

    November 14th, 2004

    Updated NDAs by Ryan Suenaga

    New versions of Ryan Suenaga’s three released New Desk Accessories: MyIP.NDA, TheirIP.NDA, and MailChecker.NDA have been uploaded to his World Wide Web site as well as the Syndicomm A2 Library. These all implement minor bug fixes. See to download these new versions..

    November 9th, 2004

    DiskMaker 1.4 disk image utility released

    Syndicomm has released DiskMaker 1.4, the latest version of the disk image to disk conversion utility for the Apple IIgs. The new version fixes several modest bugs including a problem recognizing disk image formats based on the filename extensions, and adds support for creating disks from .po format images..

    November 8th, 2004

    SideClick 1.0 released

    Syndicomm has released version 1.0 of SideClick, the contextual menu manager for the Apple IIgs. The new version includes an improved Booter init as well as a new init that lets you get word, character, line, and byte counts on any TextEdit control in any application or desk accessory using the convenience of the contextual menu..

    November 7th, 2004

    Virtual ][ emulator updated to version 3.3

    Gerard Putter has released Virtual ][ 3.3 for Mac OS X. The new version of this 8-bit Apple II emulator can make the sound effect of the disk drives running and the dot matrix printer in operation; it also fixes a couple of bugs..

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