May 31st, 2005

May Apple II News and Notes released

Howard Katz has posted the May, 2005 issue of Apple II News & Notes, the freely redistributable newsletter covering the key Apple II news of the past month..

May 26th, 2005

Byte magazine previews the Apple IIGS

Although it’s almost 20 years old, this extensive and detailed preview introduces the last of the Apple II line.

“By mid-1985…Apple engineers were already working on a product called, at various times, Phoenix, Columbia, Cortland, and Granny Smith: the Apple II GS.”.

May 24th, 2005

KansasFest keynote speaker and roastee announced

The 2005 KansasFest committee announced today that longtime Apple II supporter Ray Merlin will give the keynote address at this summer’s KansasFest event. Ray will share reflections on his many years as an Apple II user and enthusiast. Ken Gagne, associate editor of Juiced.GS magazine, will be this year’s celebrity roast victim. Gagne has, additionally, served admirably as master of ceremonies for the past four years’ roasts..

May 23rd, 2005

BBS: The Documentary has shipped

Jason Scott’s three year project has finally reached shipping status. What Apple II owner doesn’t remember dialing up a BBS, when the web was just a twinkle in the sky?

BBS: The Documentary contains more than eight hours of interviews and history. Read more about this labor of love on his website. The site also lists more than 40 Apple II BBS software packages..

May 15th, 2005

May 2005 issue of The Lamp! available

Lyle Syverson has released the May edition of The Lamp!, the monthly distillation of the best messages posted in the Apple II forum on Syndicomm Online..

May 15th, 2005 posts classic computer graphics book has posted the full text of the 1979 book Computer Graphics Primer on the web, with the permission of the copyright holder. The book contains sample programs in Applesoft BASIC..

May 14th, 2005

Gerard Putter releases Virtual ][ 3.5 for Mac OS X

Gerard Putter has updated his excellent Virtual ][ emulator to version 3.5. The new version is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger,” as well as Mac OS X 10.3.9.Other enhancements include:

  • A Spotlight module for searching for Apple ][ files.
  • Disk images can be inserted by double-clicking them in the Finder, or by selecting them in Spotlight.
  • The mouse emulation is improved, and now works properly with the GEOS operating system.
  • The Help menu now includes a link to the Virtual ][ Forum.
  • The 6502 and Z80 emulation engines now take advantage of PowerPC G5 processors if you have one.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some closed-apple key combinations to be ignored.
  • Fixed some bugs with Mac folders mounted as DOS 3.3 disks.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the 65C02 emulation, thereby increasing general compatibility.
  • Solved a bug in the mouse card firware so that it now supports interrupt mode.
  • Fixed an Apple IIe bank switching memory bug, thereby improving overall compatibility.


May 13th, 2005

KansasFest 2005 early-bird registration extended

The discounted early-bird registration rates for KansasFest 2005 have been extended through May 31st! It’s not too late to get signed up to go to the greatest Apple II event in the world at a great price!.

May 10th, 2005

Early Apple history covered at

Tom Hornby looks at the early history of the Apple I and II..

May 8th, 2005

Syndicomm releases Silver Platter on diskette

Kelvin Sherlock’s Silver Platter web server for the Apple IIgs is now available both on diskette and as a download. Either way, it’s US $5.00, except you pay for shipping if you buy on disk..

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