June 29th, 2009

Oz KFest registration opens

Registration for Mt. Kiera Fest, the Australian gathering of Apple II enthusiasts on July 24-26, is now open. More information and a registration form are available on the website: http://web.aanet.com.au/~kalandi/MtKeiraFest

People intending to participate are encouraged to return their registration forms as soon as possible so accommodation options can be secured.

June 23rd, 2009

Carte Blanche update — 50MHz Z80 nerdcore CP/M

Alex Freed has the latest on Carte Blanche development, with especially good news for CP/M worshipers — a 50MHz Z80 compatible core! WordStar on your Apple II will become WarpStar… dBase and other CP/M applications will crunch and sort data faster than you have time to say “PIP”.

Also added, developer perks such as hard breakpoints and trace buffers for the 6502.

June 23rd, 2009

Scripple II announced, Apple II emulation via Javascript

Saying “somebody had to do it”, emulation whiz Nick Westgate posted an announcement for a new project, Scripple II — an Apple II emulator written in Javascript.


– Type in the input box indicated – and hit enter a few times first
– Unfortunately I’d have to recommend IE at this stage
– Firefox and Chrome work but there is a scrolling (table) bug to squash
– It’s 48k, text-only, no disk or other hardware, just the DO-F8 ROMs
– Entering the monitor with call-151 is probably the most fun

If anyone wants the source, email me. It’s a Java project in Eclipse. I’ll get around to uploading it somewhere eventually.

June 23rd, 2009

AppleWin 1.16.1 released

The popular 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows operating systems, AppleWin 1.16.1 is now available for download.

1.16.1 – 21 Jun 2009

  • Changes:
    • Ctrl-F2 now functions as CONTROL-RESET (same as Ctrl-Break)
    • Video Mode now shown in Window Title
    • 50% Scan Lines (can use Shift+Ctrl+F9 to toggle)
      • Added: Checkbox for “50% Scan lines” in the configuration tab, next to video mode
      • Supported by PrintScreen and Shift-PrintScreen
    • Added command line “-noreg” to not register file extensions
    • Added support for up to 40 track (160KB) disk images
    • Debugger:
      • Symbols Length raised from 13 to 31
      • Pressing the Reboot button (F2) with breakpoints active, keeps the debugger running
      • symsrc is now relocatable, i.e. symsrc load “filename” [,offset]
        • Changes the address where debugger symbols are bound to by the offset (if specified)
      • Pressing Shift, Ctrl, or Alt, when viewing the current Apple output no longer kicks you back into the debugger.
        (Allows for Ctrl-Shift-F9, and Shift-F9 previewing.)
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Full screen drive LED status not showing up when floppy disks being accessed were set to read-only mode
    • Fixed FLASHing ‘S’ in AppleII+ mode!
    • Fixed flash rate for NTSC
    • Fixed maximum volume bug when doubling-clicking a .dsk image to execute with AppleWin
    • [Bug #14557] Loading serial port# from Registry (caused AppleWin to crash when booting Apple Pascal and other weird crashes)
    • [Bug #15394] Audio under-run (set process priority to Above Normal when in non-Full Speed mode)

    AppleWin 1.16.1 can be downloaded here:


    June 19th, 2009

    Juiced.GS Volume 14, Issue 2 now available

    Juiced.GS V14I2Volume 14, Issue 2 (June 2009) of Juiced.GS, the last remaining Apple II publication in print, shipped today to all subscribers. This issue features an interview with Bob Bishop, formerly of Apple Computer Inc.; ten things you never knew about Integer BASIC; reviews of the latest RAM hardware and software; a reflection on how the Apple II affected our careers; and much, much more!

    This is Juiced.GS‘s second quarterly issue of 2009. Subscriptions are available for $19 for United States customers and $26 for international customers. You can also register for KansasFest, which includes a free Juiced.GS subscription.

    June 15th, 2009

    RetroChallenge 2009

    Simon D. Williams announced it’s time for RetroChallenge 2009! Let’s make sure the Apple II Community is well represented this year.

    Attention all retrocomputing enthusiasts! RetroChallenge 2009 is officially slated to run from July 1st to 31st, 2009.

    RetroChallenge is a fairly informal “contest” whose sole aim is to encourage owners of obsolete systems to do something (anything) with them. Projects are self-assigned and can include just about anything, from programming to hardware hacks; restorations; multimedia… whatever floats
    your boat.

    RetroChallenge is open to rosy-cheeked noobs and hoary old wizards alike.

    Swing by http://retrochallenge.net for all the details, or visit the RetroBBS at telnet://bbs.retrochallenge.net


    June 13th, 2009

    KansasFest publicity & promotions

    KansasFest committee member Ken Gagne was recently interviewed on the RetroMacCast podcast, where he talks about how he got involved with the event, what traditions keep him coming back every year, and how KansasFest differs from the Macworld Expo. Episode #121 is available at the above page or via iTunes.

    If you haven’t already signed up for KansasFest, the world’s premiere Apple II convention, then there’s a special deal just for you! Head on over to KansasFest.org for details.

    June 8th, 2009

    KFest 2009 session update

    With just under six weeks until Xanadu, er, I mean KFest, it’s time to put out another appeal for sessions!

    The session list is growing nicely (see below) but we certainly need more. If you are registered or thinking of registering we hope you can share your Apple II knowledge with the rest of us. Surely there’s a topic of interest that you could talk about, maybe a favorite Apple II program, game or hardware product?

    We have a request for a session on how to restore an Apple II to good condition, especially how to remove yellowing. Would anyone like to demo the Retr0Bright method for getting rid of the yellow discoloration?

    Here’s what we already have on tap for this year:
    – Apple II Programming Q&A
    – Apple IIgs Toolbox Programming Basics
    – New Syndicomm products
    – Carte Blanche product demo
    – Dancing with the Woz
    – Juiced.GS focus group
    – Apple II gaming
    – A look back at the Apple IIgs demo scene
    – The new iPhone 3.0
    – Building your own Apple I clone
    – Softdisk fun

    Sign up to do a session at:


    Feel free to request a topic you would like to see covered. Maybe someone else will step up and agree to do it.

    June 2nd, 2009

    Virtu Apple IIe emulator for .NET, Xbox

    Nick Westgate announced Virtu, a new Apple IIe emulator for Windows written by Sean Fausett (with help from Nick). Nick’s posting is attached.

    Note: Currently Virtu is probably only of interest to .NET developers. (e.g. You will need to get the source code and build it yourself.)

    Virtu is an Apple IIe emulator for the .NET Framework using C#. It was written by Sean Fausett with a little help from me.

    Virtu runs on:
    – Windows, using WPF, XNA or Silverlight
    – Mac OS, using Silverlight
    – XBox 360, using XNA

    This week Virtu shares top billing with Bing on MS’s Channel 9. ;)

    To find out more and download the GPL source code, head to: http://virtu.codeplex.com/