November 7th, 2010

TreeHugger 1.0 released

krüe’s GS/OS printer port driver TreeHugger has gone through several revisions and has hit version 1.0. The latest version features a new control panel. See our previous post for more info.

November 6th, 2010

1 MHz and the Retro Computing Roundtable offer new podcast episodes

Vintage computer historian David Greelish hosts a new podcast called the Retro Computing Roundtable (iTunes). His first guests included other retro computer hobbyists Bill Degnan, Earl Evans and Carrington Vanston. The discussion includes Apple related history, as well as ENIAC, the Xerox Alto, and more. David founded the Historical Computer Society and produced an early vintage computer publication from 1993-1996 called Historically Brewed. Steven Weyhrich’s Apple II history was serialized in its pages over several issues.

And speaking of Carrington, he is back in the saddle, releasing episode #12 of his 1 Mhz Apple II podcast (iTunes). He covers the Treehugger GS/OS printer port driver, the Visual 6502 emulator, an excerpt on early LucasArts games from Matt Barton’s maybe-someday book on the history of adventure games, and the classic game Wasteland.

November 5th, 2010

New Juiced.GS bundles and more

There are several new items in the Juiced.GS online store: the Friends For Life CD with scans of volumes 1–6 as well as tons of shareware and freeware programs for the Apple II; discounted bundles containing volumes 7–14 in hardcopy, both with and without Friends For Life; a PDF reprinting Antoine Vignau‘s three-part series about copy protection; and a free sample PDF.

More details are in the Juiced.GS blog.