August 31st, 2011

CFFA3000 driver for Apple /// announced

David Schmidt wrote in to share that his CFFA3000 driver for the Apple /// is now ‘live’ and in beta testing. David’s posting is attached:

It lives. This was the diversion I mentioned in another recent post – I needed a little firmware support to stitch everything together. The driver comes with instructions and covers all the minute details, but by way of a quick overview, the driver:

  • Supports eight SmartPort devices configured on the CFFA3000
  • Has hot-swapping capabilities – drives are “removable” the same way a floppy is
  • Has an integrated formatter that lays down a SOS/ProDOS filesystem structure

The beta driver will be available from the beta downloads page as soon as Rich gets the package posted on his website.

August 31st, 2011

Briel Computers “I can’t solder” sale

Briel Computers is having a one week sale starting September 5th, where you can buy a fully assembled and tested Replica 1, Micro-KIM or one of their other great products at the DIY kit price! Depending on the kit, you can save $10, $20… as much as $50! The *only* kit excluded from this sale is the Altair Micro. Save yourself the labor this Labor Day and remember, if you can’t get the real thing, get the Briel thing.

August 25th, 2011

Sheppy Releases “Trasher” Extension for Apple IIgs

Trasher is a new extension for the Apple IIgs that adds support for using Command-Delete on your keyboard to delete the selected icons in the Finder. In addition, if you have Sheppy’s SideClick contextual menu manager installed, you get “Move to Trash” and “Empty Trash” contextual menu items as appropriate based on what icon or icons you’ve right-clicked (or control-clicked) on.

This is Eric Shepherd (a.k.a. “Sheppy”‘s) first all-new Apple II project in several years. He notes, “The funny story behind Trasher is that I actually started working on this project back in 1994, but was unable at that time to figure out a way to make it work. I finally had the grand epiphany this summer during KansasFest and spend the last few weeks working out the kinks and making it work.”

August 19th, 2011

Hands on: Building Briel’s A2MP3 card

As previously reported, Vince Briel’s A2MP3 card, previewed at KansasFest 2009, is finally available for pre-order. The card is available assembled and tested for $109.95 — but KansasFest 2011 attendees had the far more fun option of building their own, under the tutelage of the card’s developer himself.

Andy Molloy was one of Vince’s workshop students and allowed his assembly of the A2MP3 card to be documented in a photo gallery, "Hands on: Building an MP3 player for an Apple II computer". He makes it look easy!

The instructions Andy followed are available online. Per the Computerworld story’s last page, be sure to also check out Michael Kent’s MP3 player software, based on Vince’s original but improved to support 80-column text and lowercase, among other features.

August 17th, 2011

First run of CFFA3000 cards has sold out

Rich Dreher’s first production run of 300 CFFA3000 cards has sold out. We knew that wouldn’t take long. We’ll let everyone know when batch #2 goes into production and is ready for ordering.

August 11th, 2011

Happy Birthday Woz!

Happy 61st Birthday to Steve Wozniak!

August 11th, 2011

Nishida Radio’s Apple II adapters

For those of you who like homebrew devices for the Apple II, you may be interested in Nishida Radio‘s items.

Nishida Koichi, from Japan, builds and offers the following:

  • an Apple II USB joystick adapter,
  • an Apple II, II+ and IIe USB keyboard adapter,
  • SDISK II, a Disk II emulator working with SD cards.

SD Disk II emulator

 The projects can be purchased as DIY packages or assembled. And half of the price will be donated to the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake charity program.

Discover Nishida Koichi’s great items at

August 10th, 2011

Open Apple podcast #7 (August 2011) now available

The August 2011 episode of Open Apple, the only co-hosted Apple II podcast, is now available. This month, Mike and Ken keep the KansasFest vibe going with first-time attendee David Schmenk, getting his perspective on the greatest products, sessions, and experiences of last month’s Apple II convention, from the CFFA3000 to Sweet16 and more. Ewen Wannop’s publication of an online magazine archive leads to a brief discussion on the creation and consumption of PDF scans, after which Tony Diaz gets on the line to clarify a hardware matter. eBay offers a bounty of pins, buttons, and games, before the hosts get ready for a special guest at this month’s Denver Apple Pi user group meeting.

Find the episode on the Open Apple Web site or in iTunes.

August 8th, 2011

Here we go again, YANIB Apple //c on eBay

Will this Apple //c go for crazy money too? We’ll be watching eBay auction 250870534799 to find out. I seriously doubt the seller’s use of the term ‘fanboy’ in the auction description will be appreciated by any potential buyers.

August 8th, 2011

Briel’s A2MP3 USB interface card now available for pre-order

Vince Briel’s A2MP3 card for the Apple II is now available for pre-order! Debuted at KansasFest 2009 and released at KansasFest 2011, the A2MP3 is finally ready for everyone. The first run of 50 cards is available for USD $99.95 each as a kit, or $109.95 fully assembled and tested. The kit is very easy to assemble and suitable even for beginning builders. Shipping is to begin in approximately 4 weeks.

This card may be ‘just an MP3 player’ for now, but it’s only a matter of time before a clever programmer figures out how to use that USB port for something else.

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