November 30th, 2011

Introducing DMS Drummer for Apple II (updated)

Introducing the amazing DMS Drummer for Apple II personal computers! The DMS Drummer is the only wavetable based Drum Sequencer for the Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, and IIGS computers. It comes complete with 8 drum sounds: Bass, Snare, Rim Shot, Hand Clap, Tom, Hat Open, Hat Closed, and Lazer. DMS Drummer also has a massive sequencer built-in for song writing or just some creative noodling. The DMS Drummer monophonic sequencer patterns have 16 spaces. You can create up to 16 unique drum patterns and arrange them into 256 available arrangement slots. Each drum sound can also be re-pitched or “tuned” to the users preference inside the “Tone” section of any pattern. For example, you can take the single tom sound and create a rich sequence of multiple toms in various pitches like in our demo song. Each song sequence can be saved on disk as well for safe keeping. All commands/instructions can be found from the “help” page built-in to the software by pressing “?”.

Features: 8 Drum Sounds (tunable)
16 Programmable Patterns
256 Arrangement Slots for Patterns Programmable Tempo
Saves Your Work to Disk
3 Demo Sequences by 8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer

Free limited Demo version available here:
Limitations: Only 8 patterns available & no saving songs

Here is a mp3 demo*:
*All drum sounds are from the DMS Drummer except the explosions. All other musical instruments are by our original Apple II DMS Digital Music Synthesizer.

Apple //e, IIc, IIc+, or IIgs computer with 80-column capability
5.25″ floppy disk drive

Get your Disk or .dsk image here:

Thank you~!

Seth, Michelle, & MJ Mahon :] 8^)

November 30th, 2011

Give your iPad a vintage Apple 1 or Apple II inspired docking station

MIC Gadgets is offering vintage Apple II retro-inspired docking stations with removable Bluetooth keyboards for the Apple iPad and iPad2 (and technically the iPhone/iPod Touch as well). Two models are available, a wood-grained Apple 1 style case and a platinum ‘white pearl’ Apple II case, both available in limited quantities for USD $85.90 plus shipping from China (ouch!).

November 30th, 2011

Apple 1 and Apple II Papercraft art projects

Papercraft enthusiast site Paper Replika has fun papercraft models of the Apple 1 and Apple II available for download in PDF format. What better way to spend a lazy winter weekend afternoon with the kiddies, than printing out and assembling your own vintage Apple computer? The site has a huge selection of other models (even one of Steve Jobs) if you want to make more.

The site uses AdWords pretty extensively, so I’m linking directly to the Creative Commons License the site wants you to agree to before you can download the models. Another minor detail, the PDF file is password protected with ‘’. Have fun!

November 30th, 2011

Egan Ford releases Codebreaker! puzzle game for Apple 1

Egan Ford recently announced Codebreaker! for the Apple 1. His Usenet post is attached.


I had a bit of time last night so I thought I’d finally get around to playing with OpenEmulator and cc65 and see what I could do. The result was a game call Codebreaker! It’s a Mastermind ripoff. I didn’t want to reuse the name since it already exists for the Apple 1. However, IMHO, mine is better. :-)

I posted a video of the AWESOME OpenEmulator loading and playing the game here:

The code is mostly C with some ASM. I had to use ASM to track elapsed time (cycle counting) and to generate a random seed. Time is tracked internally in 59 cycle increments. The timer is invoked anytime the game prompts for input. This provides enough randomness to extract the initial seed.

There are two modes, Novice and Pro. Novice is based on the original Mastermind, where Pro is based on Super Mastermind.

The monitor and audio formatted binary can be had here. Use the video for load instructions.

BTW, you’ll a 16K Apple 1. However, if pushed I can create 8K and 4K versions. A 4K version would not have embedded instructions. Or, you can just solder in an extra 16K yourself. If you are running BASIC on your Apple 1, then you probably already have a 16K version.

I’ll be tweaking the code a bit from time to time and will eventually post it, but if you want it now, just send me an email. I do plan on writing an article or perhaps a video blog on how I used cc65 to create Codebreaker! and how I was able to translate the binary into a cassette sound file for easy loading.

Apple 1 forever!!!


Ok, I think I am done with this project for now. I’ve posted the latest version with source here:


1. Added “Master” level–same as “Pro” but with 60 second time limit.
2. Added a score board on exit.
3. Fixed a memory(stack) leak.
4. Built for 8K Apple 1.

To Load/Run:


November 15th, 2011

Open Apple podcast #9 (November 2011) now available

The November 2011 episode of Open Apple, the only co-hosted Apple II podcast, is now available. This month, Mike and Ken talk with Melissa Barron, the Apple II community’s famed tapestry artist. The three relate their experiences exploring the past and future of computer media at conventions and museums in Chicago and Rochester, exploring the methods used to create and preserve history. Further tributes are made to Steve Jobs, while Mike Westerfield reclassifies old BASIC tools and releases new ones. Lord British’s Texas mansion is up for sale — a fitting home for Vintage Computer Festival Southwest? We debate various models of floppy drives and are wary of fake and expensive Apple II computers on eBay but excited about new e-books and iOS apps of interest to retrocomputing enthusiasts.

Find the episode on the Open Apple Web site or in iTunes.

November 1st, 2011

Ivan Drucker announces NuInput 2.0

Ivan Drucker posted an update to NuInput, a super fast (and tiny) replacement routine for Applesoft’s INPUT and GET commands.

Hey Applesoft tinkerer, do you think INPUT and GET are pretty weak? I do too, so I wrote NuInput. It’s a powerful and easy to use replacement for those anemic commands, providing lots of control and flexibility over what can be entered at each prompt.

If you already checked out NuInput 1.0, have a look at the new version; it uses 33% less memory, is simpler to use, has more features, and is much better documented. Source code is also available.

NuInput 2.0 offers the following improvements over INPUT:

  • Accepts comma, colon, and double-quote
  • Accepts entry up to 255 characters
  • Neat cleanup of wrapped text to right of cursor
  • CTRL-C breaks immediately and with cursor at any position
  • DELETE deletes if at end of line (backspaces otherwise)

NuInput also offers the following selectable features for each prompt:

  • Restrict enterable keys to a specific list
  • Provide a default entry
  • Maximum entry length (up to 255)
  • Specific control keys (including ESC) to submit the entry
  • Prevent break on CTRL-C
  • One-key entry (like Applesoft GET)
  • Convert lowercase to uppercase
  • Backspace key deletes
  • ESC clears typed text
  • Return key disabled for entry
  • Return key refuses blank entry
  • Key list is case sensitive

You can download NuInput 2.0 at or email me if you have any questions. Enjoy!