December 31st, 2011

Open Apple end-of-2011 roundtable

As 2011 fades into memory and 2012 shines bright, the hosts of the Open Apple podcast are joined on an end-of-year roundtable by Tony Diaz of Syndicomm, Sean Fahey of, Andy Molloy of Juiced.GS, and Eric Shepherd of Sheppyware to reflect on all that has happened with the Apple II and its community in the past year. Topics include favorite hardware and software releases, community connectivity, the loss of Steve Jobs, KansasFest 2012, and more.

December 24th, 2011

Juiced.GS Volume 16, Issue 4 now available

Juiced.GS V16i4Volume 16, Issue 4 (September 2011) of Juiced.GS, the longest-running Apple II publication in print, is now arriving in subscribers’ mailboxes. This 24-page issue features reviews of the CFFA3000, the Steve Jobs biography, and the Tiger Learning Computer; an interview with Kristi Petters, the former Apple employee who licensed the Apple IIe technology for the TLC; a behind-the-scenes look at David Schmenk’s Escape! From The Homebrew Computer Club; a tribute to Steve Jobs by the colleagues who knew him in the Apple II days, including Bob Bishop, Paul Terrell, and Lane Roathe; and much, much more!

This is Juiced.GS’s fourth quarterly issue of 2011. The entire 2011 volume is now available as a bundle; 2012 subscriptions are available for $19 for United States customers and $27 for international customers.

December 23rd, 2011

FTA updates ActiveGS to 3.5.750

From Bill Martens over at Call-A.P.P.L.E. comes the news that the FTA ActiveGS plugin Apple IIGS emulation system has been updated to version 3.5.750.  Primarily a maintenance release, this version addresses the following issues:

  • [Firefox] Updated package for Firefox 9.0 and beyond
  • [Chrome] Added icons
  • [OSX/Safari] Restored Async Window refresh

Download ActiveGS here.

December 23rd, 2011

OpenEmulator updated to 1.0.2

Mark. S Ressl has updated his OpenEmulator program to version 1.0.2.  The highlight of this release is, “1977 Apple II” support.  Here’s a short feature list:

  • Emulates the 1977 Apple II
  • Joystick/mouse support with programmable axis and button mapping, sensitivity, reversal, and joystick auto detection
  • Supports PAL/NTSC video generation and crystal frequency (14.31818 MHz vs 14.25 MHz)
  • Cycle-accurate video emulation
  • Support for several character sets
  • Emulates the floating bus
  • Support of the Apple II cassette interface
  • Support for Apple II revision 0 and 1 or later.
  • Added the AppleColor Composite Monitor.

Download OpenEmulator 1.0.2 here.

December 22nd, 2011

Steve Jobs wins a Grammy

More precisely,  a Special Merit Award.  The Recording Academy yesterday released its annual list of Grammy Award nominees and at the same time, the 2012 Special Merit Awards recipients.  This year’s list includes the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.  Jobs will posthumously receive the Trustee Award at a special invitation-only ceremony to be held during Grammy Week on Feb. 11, 2012.  A formal acknowledgment will be made during the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, which will be held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2012, and broadcast live at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

The Trustee Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the industry in a nonperforming capacity.  You can read the Recording Academy’s press release here.

December 22nd, 2011

Statue of Steve Jobs erected in Budapest

A statue of the late Apple co-founder has been unveiled in Budapest. According to the PR Newswire release found here, "the statue is the first in the world honoring the late founder of Apple, who passed away on October 5. Crafted by Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth, the life-like bronze statue stands near the entrance of architectural software maker GRAPHISOFT’s Budapest headquarters." The statue was commissioned by GRAPHISOFT Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gabor Bojar.



Image Source: PR Newswire

December 18th, 2011

Apple Game Server Online! updated

We first mentioned Egan Ford’s Apple Game Server Online! last week.  Today Egan posted to comp.sys.apple2 that, with the help of Michael J. Mahon, he has updated the server to version 0.2.  The game count is up to more than 200 now, and he and Michael were able to speed up the 12kHz/6kHz 8000 bps HIFI to 12kHz/8kHz 9600 bps.  A significant bug was fixed, and the old CRC check was replaced with faster checksum + file length check.

Check out the new version here.

December 16th, 2011

The Guy Who Sold the Apple Docs For $1.6 Million and the Guy Who Sold Them for $500

In the aftermath of the bidding craze at the Sotheby’s auction which resulted in the $1.6 million dollar sale of the Apple founding partnership document, KQED News has posted an article highlighting both Ron Wayne, the third and often unheralded co-founder who sold the three-page document for $500; and Wade Saadi, the seller behind this week’s auction.  The article also links to a Bloomberg video (embedded below) in which Wayne discusses the document from his home in Las Vegas.

December 14th, 2011

Apple document goes for $1.35M at Sotheby’s auction

The Apple Computer Company Partnership Agreement, which established Apple as a partnership between Jobs, Woz and Ron Wayne and was signed by all three co-founders, went for an incredible $1.35 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction yesterday.  Once you add in all the various fees attached to the sale, the final cost weighs in at a hefty $1.6 million.  Expected to fetch as much as $150,000 in Tuesday’s auction, the three-page typewritten document was made obsolete when the new Apple Computer Co., was officially created on January 3, 1977 and bought out the nine month old partnership.  Wayne kept the document and later sold it to a collectible documents dealer who then sold it to a private collector in the late 1990s.

Apple founding partnership agreement

This should put to rest any doubt about the increasing hunger for early Apple II collectibles, especially through legitimate auction houses.

Then again, it’s still possible to get lucky and find a gem like this for a steal at an estate auction or thrift store.

December 12th, 2011

Robert Noyce gets a Google Doodle for his 84th birthday


Google's Doodle commemorates Robert Noyce's 84th birthday

Robert Noyce would have turned 84 today, and Google decided to give him a posthumous birthday present in the form of one of their famous Doodles.  Considered one of the inventors of the microchip, Noyce was nicknamed the “Mayor of Silicon Valley”.  Noyce co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957 and then left to co-found Intel with Gordon Moore in 1968.  The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article on how he could have won a Nobel Prize on two separate occasions, but didn’t.  Another article from the same publication details how Steve Jobs felt about Noyce:

“Bob Noyce took me under his wing,” Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs explains. “I was young, in my twenties. He was in his early fifties. He tried to give me the lay of the land, give me a perspective that I could only partially understand.” Jobs continues, “You can’t really understand what is going on now unless you understand what came before.”

Robert Noyce passed away in 1990.

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