August 28th, 2013

Build your own SwyftCard

Mike Willegal has just finished work on converting his SuperProto card into a Jef Raskin SwyftCard kit. The SwyftCard firmware contains a set of instant-on word-processing and calculator applications which don’t require an operating system to load or store data files on diskette.

The cost of the kit is $65 USD plus shipping. Good soldering skills are strongly recommended.


August 23rd, 2013

Bill Buckels releases programming aids for Aztec33 C65 compiler

Bill Buckels has released several utilities (and source code) for DOS 3.3 users of the Aztec33 C65 compiler:

  • RAT, a command line tool to analyze or export random access text files.
  • RD, a random dump hex viewer and file analysis tool.
  • DIR33, LS33 and CHTYPE which are list builders and a util for changing DOS 3.3 filetypes.
  • SHELLME, SHELLMETOO are reformatted editions of the Aztec C DOS 3.3 documentation plus extras.
August 23rd, 2013

Ian Kim’s SD DISKII Emulator

Meanwhile, over in Korea… Ian Kim has been busy developing his own SD-based Disk II emulator. The site is in Korean, but movies of the card in action are available for viewing.


August 20th, 2013

Lawless Legends

You may recall from our KansasFest 2013 coverage that Martin Haye gave attendees a sneak peek at an upcoming NEW Apple II game called ‘Lawless Legends’, a fantasy role playing game set in the wild west for the Apple II & other platforms!

Today, Brendan Robert announced the launch of the Lawless Legends community page on Facebook and also the project’s source code repository at


The year is 1856, you have just arrived at Fort Miller, near Mariposa California. The gold rush has now past it’s peak and the region is slowly being over run with cutthroats, thieves, murderers and the like. It seems like drifters from the wilderness are gravitating back into the nearest town they can find. The only other thing keeping the peace in these parts, besides lawmen, are the saloons with their fill of booze, gambling and loose women. To make things worse, there are rumors circulating about mysterious, unnatural things taking place behind the curtain of mountains beyond the local ridges, spreading like wildfire. It’s getting to the point where most folks are too nervous to venture far from town…even for gold.

Lawless Legends is being developed for Apple II & Commodore 64 computers with potential ports to PC/MAC/etc…

If you are an Apple II or C64 coder and would like to participate, please contact us!

Thank you all in advance for your support!

August 19th, 2013

A2Command version 1.1 released


Payton Bird has announced an update to his ‘commander-like’ file manager utility A2Command. You can download it from:


This new release features several bugfixes and some improvements including:

  • Added support for the new cc65 functions for listing devices.
  • Fixed viewer to avoid crashing when many spaces are present in one line.
  • Corrected the single file selection when copying.
  • Lowercase and uppercase commands are now active.
  • Date and time are kept when copying files.
  • Fixed some glitches when scrolling through long file lists.

In addition, Payton says:

We have many new features in the pipeline but we want to have a solid working program first. Thanks for all your feedback!

First off, let me thank Mario Patino (cybernesto) for doing a fantastic job of going through the outstanding bugs and squashing them. He did all of the work for this release, I’m merely the messenger.

August 15th, 2013

Sweet16 3.0.1 Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X released

Eric Shepherd has announced the release of version 3.0.1 of Sweet16, the Apple IIgs emulator for Mac OS X. This release fixes a few bugs in the KansasFest-launched version 3.0, and adds one new feature to the debugger. Some highlights of the changes include:

  • Full-screen mode now works on Macs with Retina Display.
  • Arrow keys no longer “stick” when using certain software that accessed the keyboard at a low level; this includes Wolfenstein 3D, for example.
  • Clicking on a Sweet16 window to bring it to the foreground now also ensures that the clicked window is focused.
  • Apple IIgs alerts displayed at shut down time no longer have buttons that cause the emulator to quit.
  • The debugger now offers a “Break” button, which immediately halts the computer and starts single-stepping mode.
  • The Sweet16 application is now code-signed with Shepherd’s Apple Developer ID, for your computing protection.

Shepherd notes that it’s necessary to install updated versions of the “SweetDupe” and “SweetPrinter” extensions included with the software in order to make all of these fixes work. The user guide accessible through the application’s Help menu explains how to do this.

August 6th, 2013

Briel Computer’s annual ‘can’t solder’ sale underway

Blatant Plug

It’s that time again when our friend Vince Briel sells his awesome retro-computing kits assembled, but at DIY kit prices. Save time and money! Check out Briel’s I can’t solder sale 2013. The sale ends August 12th.

August 6th, 2013

Apple-1 Registry gets an overhaul

With all the recent news about Apple-1 computers fetching the 21st century equivalent of a king’s ransom seemingly every few months, and more and more units emerging from storage units, garages and attics, Mike Willegal decided it was time to give his Apple-1 Registry a facelift.  The new layout features a clickable table of units in an easier-to-read format and now includes recently-discovered machines updated information, with more improvements coming.

Check it out here.

August 3rd, 2013

Eric Shepherd announces ‘S-Prize’

Eric ‘Sheppy’ Shepherd has announced the “S-Prize”, a project to encourage and reward the development of a SMB2 compatible FST for GS/OS, the graphical operating system for the Apple IIGS.

Sheppy has fronted $400 of his own money, and will accept donations to increase the reward. See the S-Prize site for rules and requirements.

Edit: Link fixed

August 3rd, 2013

Open Apple special KansasFest 2013 coverage

The Open Apple team forced Carrington Vanston of 1 MHz and KansasFest first-timer Kevin Savetz of the new (and excellent) ANTIC: The 8-bit Atari Podcast into a room in the basement of Corcoran Hall at Rockhurst to record the very first Open ANTIChertz.

Listen in as we discuss KFest goings-on, from Kevin’s impressions — both as a newcomer to the week-long convention and as a life-long Atari fan — to Randy Wigginton’s keynote, the appearance of a working Apple-1, and did someone mention Woz? Yes, for what feels like the thousandth time, Mike recounts the harrowing tale of how we got the Apple co-founder and creator of our favorite computers to return to Kansas City on the 10th anniversary of his keynote speech, and 25th anniversary of our favorite summer camp for geeks. Download our collaborative KansasFest report now!

Then Mike and Ken kick out their guests just in time to hustle Woz away from the hectic crowds of Apple II fans for a few minutes, and sit him down for an interview. Did the Apple co-founder have fun at Rockhurst this year? Listen to our interview to find out!