August 25th, 2014

Will there be a Carte Blanche 2?

That’s the question now being discussed on Usenet forum Comp.Sys.Apple2 right now. The new Carte Blanche would offer several improvements over the original, of which built-in VGA or HDMI output and new video modes may be possibilities. If this is something you might be interested in, drop in to CSA2 and voice your support. It sounds like orders may be opening soon.


August 23rd, 2014

Dagen Brock presents, Introduction to Assembly Programming on the Apple IIgs

August 22nd, 2014

Mr. Yocam, if only it had turned out that way…

August 12th, 2014

Level 29 BBS online, running ProLine


August 11th, 2014

Ivan Drucker announces updates to A2SERVER, A2CLOUD for Raspberry Pi

I’m pleased to announce updates to A2SERVER and A2CLOUD. They run on a Raspberry Pi, a premade downloadable virtual machine, or any Linux computer. Get them and read about how to set them up at If you’re already running and want to update, type ‘a2server-setup’ and ‘a2cloud-setup’.

Raspple II, the “suite” which makes it easy to load a Raspberry Pi with A2SERVER and A2CLOUD, along with David Schmenk’s Apple II Pi, has also been updated to include the new versions. It’s at

A2SERVER is a free file server and network boot host for Apple II computers. Version 1.2.0 has the following improvements:

– supports Raspberry Pi Model B+
– handles potential AppleTalk-related crash on newer Linuxes (e.g. latest Raspbian)
– starts up faster
– installer script is much faster on Raspberry Pi and Debian x86
– virtual machine is available with A2SERVER only, or A2SERVER+A2CLOUD

A2CLOUD is a free internet access device, virtual drive, and floppy transfer tool for any Apple II. Version 1.7.1 has the following improvements:

– supports Raspberry Pi Model B+
– supports non-Raspberry Pi computers and virtual machines (no longer “beta”)
– Uses ADTPro 2.0.0 for faster floppy transfer, and easier file selection
– KEGS and Linapple are installed on non-Raspberry Pi computers
– installer script is much faster on Raspberry Pi and Debian x86
– adds unbit/unexec/usq unarchiving tools
– available in a premade virtual machine


August 5th, 2014

GGLabs, new RAM card vendor for the Apple IIGS

I found this IIGS 4MB RAM card on eBay, and a subsequent search for the vendor turned up GGLabs, ‘Open Source Electronics from Silicon Valley.’ It appears to be a copy of the Applied Engineering GS-RAM III but it may only be a resemblance based on the type of RAM used (ZIP-20). More details (schematics, Gerbers, documentation) are available here.


August 2nd, 2014

Your new computer, it’s more than just an appliance you know…

August 1st, 2014

Lawless Legends preview available for download


Now you can give Lawless Legends v0.50 a spin in your own Apple IIC, IIE, etc~! Go to the link in the comments and download the demo disk image!

NOTE: Controls are A W D S and J I L K – This is a very rough demo so inside buildings and special locations are missing static portraits in the view screen. To enter a building walk into any image of a door. There is no 2d wilderness map, combat or character info yet. ENJOY!

August 1st, 2014

Quinn Dunki (BLONDIHACKS) blogs about her KansasFest 2014 experience

Read about Quinn’s KansasFest 2014 experience.ogol

July 31st, 2014

Dagen Brock introduces Crusty Coders site for Apple IIGS programmers

This is a place to learn about programming the Apple IIgs.

This came about as a result of a conversation with fellow Apple developers who, like myself, found a lack of centralized resources for Apple IIgs specific documentation. This is just an early design and a place to start putting the information together. The goal is to add the ability for user contributed content via a wiki, forums and other collaboration tools. For now, it’s really just beginning, but I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like to help out, let me know via the contact page (once I make one).

You can find it at (currently resolving to

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