July 16th, 2015

Rebecca Heineman releases Mindshadow for the IIGS

Rebecca Heineman has released Mindshadow, a graphics text adventure for the Apple IIGS programmed by her and formerly produced by Interplay Productions. You can get a zipped disk image of Mindshadow here.

July 16th, 2015

KansasFest 2015 Wednesday Report

Wednesday’s report is brought to you by second-year attendee Sarah W.

Wednesday (Day 1)

Kansasfest 2015 is officially underway! The first full day kicked off with breakfast in the new-and-improved cafeteria, for those who braved getting up early… Previously, at Kansasfest 2014, the cafeteria was undergoing renovations, so meals were served catering style, with more limited options. Last year was also my first KFest – as much as people tend to grumble about the food options, it can only go up from there, right? Breakfast choices were limited, but still a huge improvement to have more than one choice, some actual non-canned fruit, and not having coffee run out etc.

After breakfast, people who were still/actually awake began filling the lobby, anxiously anticipating the start of the garage giveaway. The magic moment arrived, and KFesters began carrying away armfuls of Apple II and a few other random non-Apple II goodies. Many, many, many, many thanks to James and Sean for running this event! It is truly an epic happening to witness and participate in, and the photos and videos don’t do it justice. I managed to contain myself this year and didn’t end up with too much stuff, but a few things I really wanted, hooray!

Some people hung around after the official end of the giveaway to start playing with their new gadgets and toys, continue digging through the leftover items, or just to hang out and socialize while waiting for lunch. I took advantage of this opportunity to bring some disks to be imaged for the Internet Archive at Mark’s station. According to reports from a place called “outside” there was something called “rain” that occurred for some amount of time. Thankfully, this did not manage to ruin the kookout. Thanks also to our kook in residence for running the grill!

Kirk Mitchell brings his ‘A’ game to grill.

After lunch, MC DJ DR Steve kicked off the official welcome to KansasFest with a reprise of his #1 hit 2015 summer jam KFest Funk and acknowledged the work of the fabulous KFest committee, who were rocking out in sunglasses. Then, we were treated to a wonderful keynote from Rebecca “Burger Becky” Heineman. Becky told several stories about technical projects she has worked on, her life in the software and video game industries, and some very honest and heartwrenching stories about dealing with some difficult life circumstances. If you decide to listen to the stream, you might want to have a few tissues handy…

The Commodore and PC versions of Dragon Wars were developed on the Apple II

After the keynote, we learned about the merger of UltimateApple2.com and Reactive Micro! They will become Voltron, um, er, UltimateMicro! They make a lot of neat hardware, I don’t completely understand what all of it does (yet) but it sounds awesome.

Then we went to dinner, which was also slightly improved over last year. I skipped the iOS session as I don’t own any iOS devices. I spent the time finishing some last minute prep before my workshop on low-res Applesoft BASIC graphics. There was coloring and programming and lots of fun. A few participants shared their art with the group, and I learned some cool new tricks, such as using PLOT without GR results in interesting text art, more fun with loops and storing data sets, and some help from the audience to improve my code. Watch the twitter and other feeds for participants sharing their art! Or, go make some of your own…

I sat in on the XCode session and Jeremy did a great job walking us through the installation and setup. I left my mac at home this trip, but I look forward to trying it out when I return. I somehow missed most of bite the bag last year, and managed to miss it again for a late night run to Steak and Shake, which nearly resulted in being stranded in the middle of Kansas City. Thankfully, Sean and James came to the rescue… Phew! Good night all.

July 12th, 2015

Dagen Brock’s KansasFest 2015 preview

July 12th, 2015

Apple IIgs System Software 6.0.2

Welcome to 6.0.2


What’s new for System 6.0.2

After 22 years, 2 months, 2 days and 2 hours since System 6.0.1 was released, this is a summary of the visible changes. There have been many bugs fixed and many features added that are not immediately visible–they will enable developers to create better future products.  Be sure to read the Shortcuts file on the SystemTools3 disk for more information.

Finder (see also Finder Help)

The list is FSTs now includes the RDOS 3.3 name.

You can navigate through the folders hierarchy with ‘Command-Up Arrow’.


The Ethertalk driver is now included. This is the driver for the unreleased Ethernet for Appletalk card.

File System Translators (FSTs)

The HFS.FST bug is removed. Your HFS disks are now safe!

Some bugs from the PASCAL.FST were removed.

The DOS33.FST has been corrected.


The Animation tool (tool037) is now included. It allows fast animation on the Apple IIgs.

The TextEdit bug when more than 1024 styles were used is fixed.

The Font Manager bug is now squashed.

Some bugs in the Window Manager were removed.

QuickerGraph that accelerates some drawing routines is now included. This program is unfinished and your system may become unstable if you install it.

What’s next?

This is a proof-of-concept update. Updating the System Software can now be done! There are other bugs in the System, let’s correct them for a 6.0.3 update in a month or so…

Where to get it?

You can download it on the Apple II Documentation Project or Asimov.

July 12th, 2015

Open Apple #48 (June 2015) : Tony Diaz, KansasFest Memories, Prototypes, and 8-bit DNS

This month on Open Apple, we sit down with Tony Diaz- KansasFest committee member, and consummate Apple II collector. With KansasFest just days away, we go deep on Tony’s amazing collection of unique prototypes, documents, peripherals, and the stories that go with them. If there’s a person with deeper knowledge of the early history of Apple Hardware, we haven’t met them.

Thanks for your patience in June, everyone! Some technical and logistical difficulties kept us from posting this episode as soon as we would have liked. We hope the show is worth the wait. We dive into lots of new hardware toys, KansasFest-like events around the world, lots of software updates, and one of the best Apple II games ever made.

How many times does Quinn boo Atari this month? What can we learn about Mike’s dark, mysterious past? How many tedious Jobs movie news items can the world produce? Listen and find out!

KansasFest 2015 is just days away. Hope to see you all in Kansas City this week!

July 12th, 2015

Ewen Wannop updates BrkDown, new Marinetti link layer for Uthernet II

In honour of KFest 2015, OZ KFest 2015 Take Two, and of course so I don’t suck, I have released two updates today.

Firstly, BrkDown gets even better, with more functionality, more features, more bug fixes, and is now even easier to use. The PDF manual has been updated to show the changes.

Secondly, with the Uthernet2 card getting nearer completion, I have released a Marinetti Link Layer for the new card.

Download ‘brkdown1.0.2.bxy’, ‘brkdown_manual.pdf’, and ‘uthernet2ll.bxy’ from my website:


Ewen Wannop

July 8th, 2015

Rebecca Heineman releases source for IIGS version of Space Ace

Just in time for KansasFest, Rebecca Heineman has released the source code to ReadySoft’s Space Ace via Github. Rebecca’s announcement is pasted below:

In 1990, ReadySoft released Space Ace for the Apple IIgs. I purchased a copy and was appalled that the port was only for ProDOS and required you to play the game on floppy disks. Being the reverse engineering nutcase I was, I promptly disassembled the game and converted it back into source code. I then re-wrote the game to use the Apple IIgs hard disk and updated all the file manager code to GS/OS. After creating a really horrible icon for the game, I then uploaded my new application file to friends who wanted to play Space Ace on their hard drives and then promptly forgot about this port.

Here it is, 2015, and after searching my archive CDs, I found this source and decided to share it with you, the programming public, so you can get a glimpse of what 65816 code looked like for the Apple IIgs. This code ACTUALLY COMPILES AND RUNS using the Brutal Deluxe a65816 assembler and my python based build scripts. I’ve successfully built this on my Mac and ran the executable using Sweet16 and in Windows with Kegs. I’ve included the build tools and its source and exes for Mac (Intel/PPC) and Windows.

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did do this port just because I wanted it running natively on my Apple IIgs hard drive. Yes, I’m insane.



And one more thing…

The intellectual property of Space Ace is the exclusive property of Don Bluth and Digital Leisure. No transfer of the intellectual property of Space Ace or any transfer of the ownership of the sounds, art or other game assets are given nor implied. If anyone wishes to release a version of Space Ace for the Apple IIgs commercially, (I have absolutely no idea why? You’d sell like, what? 3 copies?) contact Digital Leisure for a license.

The source code… Go for it.

Rebecca Ann Heineman
Olde Skuul
Seattle, WA

July 6th, 2015

Rebbeca Heineman’s Burgertime 7/5/15

July 1st, 2015

Apple IIGS System Software 6.0.x

Something interesting is on the horizon. Details to be released soon.

July 1st, 2015

Charles Mangin’s KansasFest Preview 5

This was too epic not to post.

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