AppleWin has been released. – 25 Jan 2006
– Fixed crash-bug in C++ 65C02 emu code for opcode $7C : JMP (ABS,X)
– Updated help file (by Brian Broker)
– Added ability to use Shift+Insert to paste from clipboard during emulation
– Added buttons to Config->Sound tab to select Mockingboard (s4 & s5), Phasor (s4) or none
– Removed keyboard buffer from Config->Input (this was redundant from
– Fixed speaker click (eg. when selecting disk image)
– Added check to prevent loading old & incompatible 6502 DLLs (caused random 6502 crashes to monitor)
– Added support for AE’s RAMWorks III, which adds up to 8MB (cmd-line switch only):
. -r : where #pages = [1..127], each page is 64KB.
. NB. The following aren’t saved out to the save-state file yet:
. Phasor card (only the Mockingboards are)
. RAMWorks card

The RAMWorks support is experimental: it was a last minute addition and involved just merging the mods from the “AppleWin 2.0 project”. AppleWorks detects up to ~2MB, other than that, I don’t know how well it’s working. Default behaviour is just the standard 128KB.