Henry S. Courbis of GSE-Reactive.com announced on CSA2 that they will soon be offering upgrade components for users wishing to over-clock their Applied Engineering Transwarp GS accelerator boards.Quoted from CSA2

Hello everyone.

I’m excited to announce that anyone with a TranWarp IIgs who has been wanting to update or increase their speed will now be able to do so. I have successfully been able to make copies of the last revised set of GAL’s released by AE. The GAL numbers and versions are as follows: 1A, 2B, 3E,
4B, 5A, 6A, 7A, 8B. The GAL’s will be sold by the piece in the on-line store. They will be added by next week.

I will also be offering the 32k Cache boards from SHH Systeme along with other items like cables, CPUs and crystal oscillators. Along with the new
Power Supply released just a few days ago I believe most users will be able to clock their accelerator to 12 MHz or better. Look for these items to be available in the Store soon.

I know the TWGS-2B GAL was a DMA fix Applied Engineering issued. It is an absolute requirement for TranWarp to work at all with at least some RamFAST SCSI boards (e.g. the revision C boards). RamFAST revision D does not require the 2B GAL. The Apple High Speed SCSI card works with all TransWarp GS units as well. The 3E GAL is for above 10 MHz operation.

Here’s a listing of the oscillators speeds:
Oscillator MHz TWGS Speed
32 8
36 9
40 10
48 12
50 12.5
60 15

Any additions or correction to the above information will be appreciated. I know there are some other oscillator speeds available, but I won’t both listing them here. If anyone is going faster than 15 MHz please let me know how.

Now some basic questions I have: Does anyone know what the last revision of the ROM was? I believe it to be 1.8S. Also, is there a ROM difference from the 8k Cache card to the 32k Cache card? Can I take an 32k Cache ROM and use it up upgrade an 8k TranWarp IIgs or vise versa?

Has anyone tried to read or examine the XC2064 FPGA on the TransWarp IIgs? Right now that is the only thing hold us back from cloning it.

I also have a TransWarp IIgs with an error message in the test menu. It seems to fail the Non-volatile RAM test. Anyone know which IC the NVRAM is?

Thanks in advance for all the help. Feel free to contact me directly if you wish to purchase the GAL(s) ASAP. My email address is listed in the “About US” section on the Website or email Support.