Justin asks, “Do you know where there is a reliable business to buy aftermarket software for an Apple IIe Platinum class computer? I’m doing a little computer project for pure nostalgia reasons and I am looking for software to do wordprocessing, spreadsheet, repair and troubleshoot utilities, programs etc. for this type of computer.”

And, Phil wrote in, “I have an Apple IIgs, ROM 3. I bought a Applied Engineering 3.5” High Density Disk Drive several years ago, but did not get the drivers to use it as a high density drive on my IIgs. Are drivers available or is there a more recent “fix”? I also run a 5mb Profile (Apple also sold a 10mb & 20mb Profile, but has anyone ever seen or used one? And it worked with DOS 3.3, but it crashed and I lost all data. I have since bought another 5mb Profile that was blank, so I need the loader for DOS 3.3. Can you help please?”

How about it? Does anyone have any recommendations for Justin and Phil? Please post it here and help them out.

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