Bulgarian Apple II vendor bootZero.com is now selling the HDDD A2 3.5 Disk ][ replacement adapter on eBay. As of this post, three options are available: a deluxe HDDD A2 kit including adapter, 3.5 disk drive, IDC20 and DB19 cables for interfacing via Disk II controller or smartport, power leads, a box of diskettes and cleaning kit for USD $139.90 plus $15.90 S&H. Option #2 is an HDDD A2 adapter plus cables only for USD $119.00 plus $7.60 S&H, or, you may opt for option #3, the HDDD A2 adapter only, with power lead for $89.90 plus $5.70 S&H.

The HDDD A2 adapter is intended to replace aging 5.25 drives and floppies with widely available 3.5 HD drives and disks while preserving the retro-computing experience of working with physical media. To your Apple II, the HDDD A2 appears as and behaves just like a 5.25 Disk II drive — only the media is different.

A2Central has received a HDDD A2 adapter and we are trialling it now. The HDDD A2 was also recently demonstrated at Mt. KeiraFest which was covered in the most recent edition of Juiced.GS.