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DAR Systems Reclassifications

DAR Systems International has reclassified its Apple II software as freeware. These products, including Mines Of Moria and Mines Of Moria II, The Pits of Doom, Gem Of Zephyrr, Sword of Altair, Quest For Varsar, and Casino Games. Also available is Sable Powers Rising, which was never released and is a beta version Visit the […]

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Juiced.GS Online Ordering Opens

Juiced.GS has opened its online ordering page through the Kagi payment service. You can now order the “Friends For Life” CD-ROM, subscribe to Juiced.GS, and buy a Juiced.GS back issue package. The Juiced.GS web site will be updated soon to include links to the ordering site, which you can find at

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Silvern Castle 5.0 Released

Silvern Castle, the popular role-playing game for 8-bit Apple II computers released only a year ago at KFest ’99, has been updated to version 5.0! New in this version is the ability to turn off encumbrance and to restrict coinage to just gold pieces. Also, clerics can now identify items like druids, back-row characters have a lower chance of being hit during melee combat, NPCs may exchange information if they surrender, spellbooks and holy symbols can be dropped, and there’s been some fine-tuning to the monsters. A new expert scenario, “Time Master”, is included, but can only be played by registered owners.