Numerous improvements have been made to the CiderPress ShrinkIt archive and disk image utility for Windows by Andy McFadden, including:

  • Nibble image support. You can now open .NIB and .NB2 image files, of both 16-sector and 13-sector varieties. Automatically identifies and works around some simple forms of copy protection. The disk viewer lets you change sector parameters on the fly.

  • Disk image converter. Convert any disk image format that CiderPress supports into just about any other. You can output .PO, .DO, .2MG, .NIB, .SDK, .HDV, and DiskCopy 4.2 images.

  • SST image merge. SST on the Apple II creates two disk images. Normally you have to run SST under an emulator to combine them back together into a single .NIB image file. CiderPress 1.1 can merge them for you.

  • Odd-sized ProDOS volumes, such as a 31.9 MB hard drive image, can now be opened.

  • Directory preferences are now saved.