In a new addition to the over 20 great prizes to be offered during various KansasFest 2003 events, Lyle Syverson (The Lamp!) and Tony Diaz (Computer Circulation Center) have graciously donated two fantastic new prizes for KFest 2003 attendees.

Lyle is putting up a ZipGSx accelerator card for the Apple IIGS — these rare cards have been out of production for several years and often go for several hundred dollars on eBay. The ZipGSx card will be given at random to a KFest 2003 attendee — to have a chance to win, all you have to do is register for KFest and show up!

Tony is offering a FocusDrive internal hard drive for the Apple IIe or Apple IIGS to the winner of the 2003 edition of Apple II Jeopardy.

These two very generous prizes are two more great reasons to attend what’s shaping up to be an excellent KansasFest event this summer!