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Silvern Castle 7.5 released

Jeff Fink has released version 7.5 of Silvern Castle, his popular role-playing game for 8-bit Apple II computers. The update fixes several bugs, and enhances speed as well as adding new features. We’ve reported on them before, but for your convenience: You can download this update right here on

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AAAC to meet on May 17

The Aurora, Illinois Aurora Area Apple Core user group will take a road trip this month to Rockford, Illinois, where Lyle Syverson will host the group’s meeting. After a light lunch and a short business meeting, Lyle will demonstrate the use of the Apple IIe Card in a Macintosh LCIII computer. For additional information, contact […]

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First look at KansasFest presentations

A preliminary list of some of the presentations scheduled for KansasFest has been released. Steve Wozniak will perform the keynote address. Ryan Suenaga will do a presentation on fonts and desktop publishing on the Apple IIGS, as well as a session on setting up Bernie ][ The Rescue for Apple II emulation on the Macintosh. […]