Jeff Fink has released version 7.5 of Silvern Castle, his popular role-playing game for 8-bit Apple II computers. The update fixes several bugs, and enhances speed as well as adding new features. We’ve reported on them before, but for your convenience:

  • Your characters now keep all their known spells when changing class.

  • As a consequence of being able to keep your spells when changing class, fighters can now cast spells and acquire mage spell scrolls, once they’ve reached level 25 (adjusted for intelligence).

  • New unlisted combat command: Go B)ack. This feature simply lets you go back and redo the combat decision for the previous character, instead of using ESC to redo all characters.

  • New unlisted camp command: M)inimum Weapon Damage. This command lets you determine the minimum damage your character can inflict, depending on the weapon selected and your character’s strength and class.

  • New unlisted camp command: Equivalent H)uman Age. Lets demihuman (non-human) characters determine how old they are in “human” years.

  • New preferences for sound parameters. You can also mute the sound.

You can download this update right here on