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KansasFest 2004 dates announced

After this year’s wildly successful KansasFest event — easily the most exciting and active since 1998 — the KansasFest committee is pleased to announce that KansasFest 2004 will be held from July 20 through July 25 next year! Reserve the time now, and start saving up for the trip. We’re on the move!

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Syndicomm releases The Protector

Syndicomm has released its new NDA, The Protector, on the SheppyWare FTP site. This NDA lets you lock your Apple IIGS desktop so nobody can use it without a password. It also prevents access to the CDA menu. There is not currently a web page for this product, but you can download it by clicking […]

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Bizarre incident brings down Syndicomm\’s server

The primary server at Syndicomm, which hosts among other things, Syndicomm Online, and the KFest web site, was brought down on Friday morning by a silly mistake, which unfortunately could not be corrected until Syndicomm owner and operator Eric Shepherd returned home from KansasFest on Monday afternoon. We apologize for our down time, and will be bringing various KansasFest-related news stories to you over the next couple of days.