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Syndicomm pre-announces KFest releases

Syndicomm announced tonight that at KansasFest it will release two new CD-ROM products. Ultimate Uptime, which will sell for $25, contains the entire four-year run of Uptime magazine-on-disk, with an assortment of software. Softdisk Supreme, which will sell for $50, contains the entire 167-issue run of the 8-bit Softdisk magazine and a printed index the programs on the disk images the CD-ROM contains.

Posted inSoftware

Syndicomm releases DiskMaker 1.3

Syndicomm (parent company of has released version 1.3 of the popular DiskMaker disk image to disk conversion utility for the Apple IIGS. The updated version automatically begins writing the image out to disks that are inserted while the program is waiting for the user to select a disk to write the image onto.