RC Systems still has several Apple II interface cards available, including the DoubleTalk speech synthesis card for $49, the TimePro/Plus clock/calendar card for $27, and the SlotBuster II card for $49.The SlotBuster II requires the addition of optional modules to add features to it. The available modules are: Voice synthesis, $39; parallel printer port, $15; serial printer port, $12; modem port, $21; clock/calendar, $22; BSR port, $29; 32K buffer expander, $12; 64K buffer expander, $20. The card supports most combinations of these options.

Also available are AppleWorks Companion and SCAT/ProSCAT for $29 and $15 respectively; these, in tandem with the voice synthesis hardware offered by the SlotBuster II or DoubleTalk card, provide enhanced accessibility for disabled Apple II users.

For details, visit the RC Systems web site.